State of the Union a Bidenism hit parade

“Well, I probably ahhhh I don’t re- it, uh, aghhhh, technically not supposed to be here….”

We can only hope that Dementia Joe Biden is recuperating this weekend after these past few disastrous days, not only at the State of the Union address but also during his follow-up trip to Philadelphia Friday.

In case you missed it (and state-run media are doing their best to make sure you do), Biden made an impassioned plea to his minions in the Keystone State:

“Pennsylvania, I have a message for you. Send me to Congress!”

Then he referenced his speech the previous night to that same Congress he soon hopes to be a member of.

“The U.S. Capitol — the same building where our freedoms came under assault on July the 6th.”

Not Jan. 6, but July 6. As usual, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Biden did let slip a few nuggets of truth on his post-SOTU victory lap, or whatever kind of lap you want to call it. Listen to this brag:

“We added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!”

Finally, he tells something close to the truth. Then he babbled about his bleak prospects for reelection. He confided that when he meets with European leaders at summits, they whisper to him:

“They grab my arm and they pull me aside. I’m serious. They pull me aside and say, ‘You’ve gotta you can’t win again.’”

You can’t win again. From Brandon’s lips to God’s ear. We can only pray…

This weekend, Biden is probably on his back in his favorite iron lung. He’s enjoying the tender ministrations of an army of Dr. Feelgoods, binging on MeTV’s weekend marathons of Matlock and Hazel. That wacky Shirley Booth just cracks him up, her and Mr. B.

Dementia Joe owes this r&r respite to himself, after the SOTU. Some Democrat operatives with press passes were grudgingly willing to concede that his delivery lacked, shall we say, clarity.

But most in the Deep State’s amen chorus just recited their usual DNC talking points.

Joe’s speech was better than the Gettysburg Address! Move over Sermon on the Mount!

Even if you didn’t watch it live, and next to nobody did, you’ve at least seen excerpts on social media. So let’s begin with some of the memorable SOTU moments that haven’t gotten quite as much airplay.

I repeat, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“We must be honest. The threat to democracy must be defended.”

“With all due respect to the justices, women are not without electrical, electrical power, excuse me, electoral or political power.”

“It was then through my American Rescue Plan, which every American voted against I might add.”

“Like most Americans, I believe Roe we Vade got it right.”

“We’re also making history by confronting the climate crisis not denying it. I don’t think any of you think there’s no longer a climate crisis. At least I hope you don’t.”

He read “tax” as “pax.” He wants to end tax breaks for corporate executives who make more than “a million miles.” Getting back to the insurrection of July, er, Jan. 6, he denounced those who would “oversturn the will of the people.”

Allowing Russia to finish off Ukraine who be “emboldening others to do what they wooooosh to do us harm.”

At the SOTU, we witnessed yet another example of double standards in modern American life – this time in terms of “hate speech.”

Among the many thought crimes that Democrats accuse others of are referring to foreign criminals as “illegals.” Perhaps even an even more egregious offense against the Ministry of Truth is “misgendering” someone — that is, identifying someone by their birth gender even if they’re in denial about it.

For instance, in Oregon last week, a woman was actually found guilty of criminal harassment for trying to stop a “Marxist demi-binary trans woman,” i.e., a man, from cutting in line to go into a ladies’ restroom.

So Thursday night, Dementia Joe gets heckled by a GOP congresswoman. She was demanding that he mention by name Laken Riley, the 22-year-old Georgia woman murdered by a Venezuelan gang banger. Brandon took the bait.

“Lincoln, Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal, that’s right.”

First, the misgendering. Lincoln Riley is the football coach of USC. Brandon doesn’t know that. If he has any vestigial memory of Trojan grid days (doubtful), it doesn’t go much beyond O.J. Simpson. Coaches? At most, he may vaguely recall John McKay prowling the sidelines. (Even more doubtful.)

But the fact is, Coach Lincoln Riley is a guy. Laken Riley was a woman. That means he misgendered the poor murdered American woman. People — well, conservatives anyway — have been cancelled for less.

But as always, Democrats just shrugged. Hey, he’s got dementia. The next day, on his way to Philadelphia to begin his campaign for Congress, Biden was asked if he regretted calling that fine young foreign freeloading fiend an “illegal.”

“Well, I probably ahhhh I don’t re- it, uh, aghhhh, technically not supposed to be here….”

Another overlooked moment in SOTU: remember when Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin at the Kremlin? Afterwards Tucker said that he’d also been to a supermarket in Moscow where he noticed that prices were lower than in the US.

How dare Tucker say that! He’s a Putin puppet, state-run media harrumphed, a stooge of Stalin. Some Democrats even wanted to deny him reentry into the country.

Keeping that in mind, this is what Biden said Thursday night at the SOTU:

“I’m gonna get in trouble for saying this. But anyone want to get in Air Force One with me and fly to Toronto, Berlin, Moscow, I mean excuse me, and well even Moscow probably and bring your prescription with you and I promise I’ll get it for you at 40 percent the cost you’re paying now. Same company, same drug, same place.”

In other words, Biden echoed what Tucker Carlson said a month ago. Yet there was zero blowback. Despite his fears, Brandon didn’t get any trouble for spewing out his senile nonsense.

He never does.

It’s great to be a Democrat.

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