Somebody tell Biden the war is in Ukraine, not Iran

Did the mainstream media watch the same State of the Union address everybody else saw the other night?

Did the mainstream media watch the same State of the Union address everybody else saw the other night?

For instance, why were there no mentions in any Democrat party organs (which is all of them) of what was perhaps Dementia Joe Biden’s finest rhetorical flourish, a panegyric to the brave warriors of the land where Hunter used to get his $83,333 a month wired from.

“A pound of Ukrainian people proud proud people pound for pound ready to fight with every inch of earnegy that they have.”

Move over, Winston Churchill! Forget blood sweat and tears. From now on, students will memorize the stirring words about “every inch of earnergy.”

You know, anybody can mispronounce a strange word, especially a word that’s recently had its pronunciation changed, like Kiev. But Brandon can mangle an everyday word — energy — in a way you’d never have dreamed anyone could mispronounce it.

As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“Putin may circle Kiev with tanks but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

Some think he said “Urainian,” not Iranian. The point is, he didn’t say Ukrainian. And thus you are forced to ponder the eternal question: For whom does the bell toll?

I’m glad you asked that question. Because in his speech, Joe mentioned a bell — the Rust Bell.

“Sherrod Brown says it’s time to bury the label Rust Bell it’s time to see the the what used to be called Rust Belt become the the the home of of significant resurgence of manufacturing.”

You know how Democrats have been hysterically clamoring to “Defund the Police” for two years now? Never mind – Joe addressed the recent murders of two young New York City cops who were gunned down by a career thug in Harlem last month while responding to what Joe called a “nine-eleven call.”

Not nine-one-one, but nine-eleven.

This happened, Biden intoned, on the mean streets that the officers “chose to parole, to uh patrol, as police officers.”

On another issue, perhaps you’ve heard a rumor that some prices are going up here and there. Don’t worry, though, Joe has a plan.

“One way to fight inflation is to drive down wages and make Americans poorer. I think I have a better idea to fight inflation. Lower your costs, not your wages.”

Hey, why didn’t anyone think of that before now?

Rebuilding the infrastructure? “We’ll do it to withstand the devastating infects of climate change.”

He exhorted “freeding-loving nations” to band together to punish Russia for “infade-invading” a neighbor. He took a bow for helping the non-working classes to pay for their “health prebemiums.”

And he again touched on one of his favorite subjects: “Let’s let Medicare negotiate the price of prescription jugs!”

Then there was the impending vacancy on the Supreme Court — “I’ve nominated a Circuit Court of Appeal Ketanji Brown Jackson.”

Well, at least he didn’t call her Jackson Browne. But he is running on empty.

Brandon tries so hard to be the wokest of the woke, promoting such reforms as “maternal health care for all Americans,” But sometimes even he says something that might get another politician — say, a Republican — cancelled.

“We’re putting in place dedicated immicration judges in significant larger numbers so families fleeing persecution and violence can have their curses cases hard faster and those who don’t legitimately hear can be sent back.”

Brandon, do you have any idea what you just said?

You told a whole class of grifting Third World indigents that they won’t be allowed to stay in the Land of the Free Lunch forever just because they’re deaf. That hardly seems fair, considering your regime’s open-borders c’mon-down policy for all undocumented Democrats who are violent criminals, drug dealers, domestic abusers, repeat drunk drivers or pedophiles.

Why didn’t the deaf get an opportunity to respond to the SOTU? Everybody else did.

A few more of Brandon’s SOTU Greatest Hits:

“You can’t build a wall high enough to keep out a a a a a vaccine the vaccine can stop the spread of these diseases.”

“Tonight I can say we’re moving forward safely back to a no norm more normal routines.”

“Instead he met with a mall a wall of strength.”

“The three world free world is holding him accountable.”

“We used to invest almost two percent of our GDP in research and development we don’t now can’t China is.”

“All this increasing the productive capacity of our ecomony, uh of our economy.”

“I know what works: investigating crime prevention and community policing.”

“There’s simply nothing beyond our camask our capacity.”

“We also need to levving playing field with China and others.”

“We are already we we are also ready with anti-viral treatments.”

So much comic gold in just under 62 minutes. But the next day — Ash Wednesday — Brandon was on the road, in Wisconsin, again doing what he does best, passing the buck, pointing the finger at everybody else, talking about problems in what he often calls the “supply change,” and the shortage of chips.

“We invented the uh sup the uh the uh um those chips when we went to the moon.”

But worry not, Great Cheese State of Wisconsin, help is on the way.

“We already had uh we already hit the ground run run we we hit the ground running announcing $100 billion in new investments.”

And it wouldn’t be Joe without a story about trains and/or history, or in this case, both.

“Union Pacific Railroad just announced the purchase of the largest-ever purchase of electric locomotives made in Erie, Pennsylvania, in the same plant by the way that the guy who turned on our lights built a factory.”

Would that guy by any chance be Thomas A. Edison, Brandon?

May we quote you on that, Mr. President?

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