Somebody, please ask Biden today about the Texas terrorist

At his annual press conference today, will any of the Democrat operatives with press passes ask Dementia Joe Biden how yet another foreign Muslim terrorist was allowed to come into the country and take hostages at a synagogue in Texas?

At his annual press conference today, will any of the Democrat operatives with press passes ask Dementia Joe Biden how yet another foreign Muslim terrorist was allowed to come into the country and take hostages at a synagogue in Texas?

President Brandon, one of them might ask, why did the FBI first say the well-known UK terrorist and career criminal who demanded the release of a Pakistani-born terrorist known as “Lady al-Qaeda” was “not connected to the Jewish community?”

Why did it take you and the FBI a day to admit that this foreign fiend had committed “an act of terror?”

Here’s what Brandon originally said of the Muslim terrorist:

“I don’t think there is sufficient information to know why he targeted the synagogue … why he was using anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli comments.”

In other words, he was baffled — again. He showed a lot more consideration to the savage than he did to Kyle Rittenhouse, whom he instantly defamed as a “white supremacist?”

But what can you expect of Dementia Joe? He still thinks it’s 2020.

But what about the FBI? I’m sure the G-men would say that, well, this latest “lone wolf” was from the UK and they’re the U.S. domestic secret police.

Not that that stopped, say, crooked agent Peter Strzok from flying to Britain in 2016 when the feds were trying to frame Donald Trump, et al., on their beloved Russian collusion hoax.

But all these years after that FBI dirty trick fell apart, how could “America’s premier law-enforcement agency” not notice that other feds had allowed this career terrorist to vacation in the Great Satan and buy a gun, apparently without an FBI background check.

(Did Malik Faisal Akram utilize that infamous “gun-show loophole” that Democrats never fail to denounce in debates?)

The devout adherent of the Religion of Peace likewise had no visible means of support — but that’s a resume enhancer as far as the Brandon administration is concerned.

Was Akram vaccinated? Was he wearing a mask when he pulled out his roscoe at the temple? If he wasn’t, now that might really elicit some denunciations on MSNBC, unless of course he’d been partying with, say, AOC, in Miami Beach.

Seriously, though, why didn’t the FBI do anything about this Muslim terrorist? This is a recurring question, of course.

Remember Fort Hood and the Palestinian mass murderer? Dr. Nidal Hasan screamed “Allah Akbar!” so the crack sleuths of the FBI shrugged off his bloodthirst spree as “workplace violence.”

How about the Bernie bro (not a Muslim) who shot up the Republican Congressional baseball practice in 2017 and severely wounded a GOP Congressman? The FBI brushed that one off as “suicide by cop.”

In 2013, they got a tip from their Russian secret-police counterparts about the Tsarnaev brothers, before those Third World welfare leeches blew up the Boston marathon. The feds couldn’t even be bothered to follow up the tip.

Then there was Gary Lee Sampson, who died last month in prison while awaiting his execution. In 2001, he tried to turn himself in to the Boston office of the FBI. His mistake was trying to surrender on a Friday afternoon … in the summer … so no G-men could be bothered to go out and arrest him.

Sampson slaughtered three people over the weekend.

How about Omar Mateen, who shot up a gay nightclub in Orlando in 2016 and murdered 49 people. The FBI knew about him, but as the Washington Post reported, he was a Hillary Clinton voter so … nothing to see here folks, move along. Plus his father gave money to the DNCC, which as far as the FBI is concerned makes you Good People.

When the FBI released a transcription of Mateen’s taped rants as he slaughtered the infidel gays, the G-men helpfully translated his repeated exhortations of “Allah Akhbar!” to “God is great,” because … diversity.

How about the Pakistanis who murdered 14 people in cold blood at the Christmas party in San Bernardino? That guy had been in contact with targets of an FBI terror investigation. Then there was the Chattanooga terror attack by an anchor baby whose father was on the terrorist watch list.

Just 10 months ago, one Ahmed Alissa shot up a supermarket in woke Boulder, Colo. He too was being watched by the FBI, but not too closely, because … equity.

On the other hand, it’s not like the FBI isn’t busy. Right now, they and their Democrat masters are obsessed with “domestic terrorism.”

The G-men have set up a special task force to go after those terrible parents who go to school board meetings and complain about the way their children are being taught (or not).

Do you recall a Democrat operative named Andrew McCabe who briefly served as director of the FBI? His candidate wife took $700,000 from a Hillary Clinton bundler at the same moment he was formulating an “insurance policy” with his fellow corrupt G-man Democrats to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

The inspector general has said that McCabe lied repeatedly under oath to corruption investigators but of course he was never charged because … he’s a Democrat.

Last week McCabe took time out from his arduous new duties as a CNN analyst to attend a conference at the University of Chicago.

McCabe told the eggheads that he thought it might be a “good idea” for the American Gestapo that he used to mismanage to target “business owners, white people from the suburbs, educated, employed.”

Because they are, you understand, “domestic violent extremists.”

Unlike, say, Malik Faisal Akram, whose motives we may never know, as the FBI always says, wink wink nudge nudge. Baffled is what they are, baffled.

The only thing that’s baffling me is why more people aren’t demanding that the FBI be defunded and abolished, and that the J. Edgar Hoover building be razed and the lot it’s on be sown with salt, as the Romans did with Carthage 2,300 years ago.

As Cicero might have put it, FBI delenda est. The FBI must be destroyed.

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