Some Suggestions as You Prepare to Vote Tuesday

Tuesday is election day, and you need to remember some names.

If you live in Boston and you support President Donald Trump and the police, please vote for incumbent City Councilor Althea Garrison – Althea needs one of your four votes in the at-large fight.

If you live in Taunton, you really need to protect your wallet by voting in the mayor’s race for state Rep. Shaunna O’Connell, who has fought for the taxpayers for years on Beacon Hill and now wants to do the same at City Hall as the next mayor.

Elections do have consequences.

First, let’s talk about incumbent Althea Garrison, the only outspoken conservative left on the Boston City Council. For any number of reasons, you might think the woke community would be behind Althea, but she’s committed some unpardonable sins.

First of all, she doesn’t hate Donald Trump. A former one-term Republican state rep from Dorchester, she’s now an independent – “unenrolled,” but she voted for the president.

In September, after the antifa thugs ran amok downtown, throwing bottles of urine at the Boston police, Garrison introduced a resolution in the Council offering “unwavering support to the Boston Police Department and the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association in their work of keeping Boston safe, and to unequivocally condemn any and all violence and disrespect towards Boston police officers.”

Garrison added that elected officials “have a moral obligation to partner” with law enforcement, who “feel unsupported and unfairly criticized” by so many.

You can see why the moonbats want Althea gone. The Council didn’t even allow a vote on her resolution to support the BPD.

Here’s how crazy it’s gotten in the city. Althea tried to place an ad in a neighborhood newspaper asking for a “bullet” – imploring citizens to use only one of their votes for her, an ancient political tactic, to maximize the effect of the single vote. Althea was told her ad couldn’t run unless she took out the word “bullet.” I guess it was… triggering… snowflakes, or something.

In Southie, a lot of voters always give an at-large bullet to local boy Mike Flaherty, another incumbent. Please, this year think about casting a second ballot for Althea as well. Flats should be okay, but Althea is on the bubble. Cast a vote for her in memory of her old friend, Dapper O’Neil.

This morning Garrison will be campaigning outside the Dap’s old parish — St. Patrick’s Church in Roxbury. They now have Cape Verdean, English and Spanish Masses, one right after the other. Althea Garrison celebrates diversity, in addition to first responders.

Also in Boston, in District 5, Hyde Park, Tim McCarthy isn’t seeking reelection, but his aide, Maria Esdale Farrell, is running to succeed him. She’s in a tight race against Ricardo Arroyo, son of Felix “No Show” Arroyo. After the antifa riots last summer, Arroyo said the police’s measured response to the dirty, masked hippies throwing bottles of urine at their heads represented “acts of state violence.”

Defending yourself against blow-in drifter rioters is now considered an “act of state violence?” How much more do you need to know? Vote Farrell.

Also, Craig Cashman has lived in Brighton his entire life, and now wants to be the Brighton city councilor. How dare he! His family’s big in youth hockey. He’s running against someone the Globe describes as “an immigrant from Northern Ireland.” They said it, not me. Your call.

Jennifer Nassour is a RINO from the Back Bay, but her opponent is named Bok. Does that name ring a bell? Does politics anywhere really need another Harvard la-dee-dah posturing and pontificating?

Down in Taunton, it should be a cakewalk for Shaunna O’Connell, but the Democrat kleptocracy is trotting out all the hacks to try to thwart a friend of the taxpayers. Sen. Ed Markey flew up from Maryland – maybe he’s planning to head over to Foxboro tonight to root for his home state team, the Ravens, against “the Boston Patriots,” as he still thinks they’re called.

The hacks in Taunton are so desperate to stop Shaunna they’ve even dragged out Joan Menard, the ancient payroll patriot who’s so old not only does she have a $100,000 state pension, her hack daughter is likewise grabbing a $66,000-a-year kiss in the mail.

The hacks want to keep picking your pocket, and Shaunna O’Connell doesn’t. Vote Shaunna.

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