Socialism Sucks: Howie’s Favorite Moments from the RNC – 8.28.20

Joe Biden must be hearing the footsteps.

Okay, he’s probably hearing a lot of other things down in his basement – voices in his head, perhaps, not to mention the birds chirping outside….

But you know what I mean. The Republican convention was far superior to the Democrats’ last week, in just about every way.

To sum up the theme, President Trump called Joe Biden “a Trojan horse for socialism,” and that’s what this fight is all about.

(Which is why we’re offering our own critique on socialism – a tee-shirt that says “Socialism Sucks.” Order now and get a free autographed copy of “What Really Happened,” my POTUS-endorsed book about the 2016 campaign.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

Last night, I loved all the griping on Twitter from the Beautiful People in LaLa Land and the Democrat operatives with press passes that no one on the South Lawn was wearing a mask, or “social distancing.”

No bitching, of course, about the lack of same by the mentally ill rioters and looters outside the White House who menaced Sen. Rand Paul, his wife and so many others leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

All week, you could tell how effective any convention speaker was by the amount of vitriol instantaneously unleashed against them on social media by the Democrat-industrial complex. They hated on a woman who got a mastectomy, they called the First Lady an “illegal alien,” they said Nikki Haley was too light-skinned to call herself a woman of color.

They even loathed a paraplegic in a wheelchair who stood up. (Somehow that was racist, thus sayeth National Public Radio.)

They were apoplectic that POTUS mentioned Joe Biden’s name 41 times, and one slobbering sycophant on CNN was shocked to realize that “they’re trying to make this a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, on the street in DC after the speech, Joe Biden supporters called gay Trump supporters the f-word and were screaming the n-word… at everybody, apparently, just like the pedophile antifa thugs were doing in Kenosha.

Whatever happened to, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

FDR said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The modern Democrats’ mantra is, the only thing we have to offer is fear itself.

That, and the Big Lie.

Speaking of which, that CNN chyron, amidst the flames of Kenosha – “Fiery but Peaceful Protest” – will probably go down as the fakest headline in the alt-left media since the New York Times’ 2004 description of 60 Minutes’ bogus story about George W. Bush’s military service as “Fake But Accurate.”

The Democrats’ convention, as many have noted, was Festivus – an airing of grievances. It was Victims “R” Us.

The Republicans, on the other hand, had all different kinds of speakers, and most of the more memorable ones weren’t even politicians.

Plus, the production values of the Republican convention blew away the Wayne’s World amateur-night Democrat effort. I was amazed by the quality of the GOP cinematography. Do you know how much effort is required to make every single shot in a video as memorable as all those Republican scenes were, frame after frame after frame?

Here are a few of my favorite moments, in no particular order:

Ann Dorn, widow of the murdered St. Louis police captain. So sad, especially when she recounted the police chief arriving at her front door at 4 a.m. – she expressed the nightmare that the spouse of every first responder always dreads. And then she was in the live audience with her children.

Rick Grenell: Former ambassador to Germany and Director of National Intelligence. He was in charge (along with the president last night) of explaining the failed coup against Trump known as Obamagate. He had access to all the documents, and he laid it out very well. He truly despises the Deep State, and the Deep State despises him, all the more so because he’s gay. (Ask him who’s treated him more with more respect and dignity – Trump or Willard M. Romney, who threw him under the bus in 2012.)

Herschel Walker: I liked his Disneyworld story and pleasant demeanor. Beyond that, consider the one-state contrast between the two conventions. The GOP had Walker, the greatest football player ever to come out of the University of Georgia (I’m sure Dr. Matt the Vet, a Bulldog alum, would agree). The Democrats’ speaker from Georgia was… Stacey Abrams, the shadow governor, and a mighty big shadow she casts. Advantage: GOP.

Nick Sandmann: the Covington Catholic high school student whose life the alt-left media tried to destroy because he was wearing a red MAGA hat. At the end of his speech, he put the hat back on. Priceless.

Maximo Alvarez: Cuban-American businessman from south Florida. So telling that his father fled Communism in Spain in the 1930’s, and then had to part with his son to allow the kid to flee Cuba after the Reds took over in 1959 (amid the huzzahs and swooning of the American media, just as they promoted the commies in the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” in the Spanish Civil War.)

Gov. Kristi Noem: She never shut down her state, she’s not guilty, she drove Rachel Maddow crazy when she called out Seattle’s “Summer of Love” mayor. All I could think of was, is there some way MA could trade Charlie Parker straight up for Kristi?

Jason Joyce, Maine lobsterman: I don’t put him on my list of favorites because he was born in Maine. I put him on my list of favorites because I was born in Maine.

Sen. Tim Scott: “From cotton to Congress.” OMG, that one line by itself sent the deranged Democrat left around the bend. What Monica Cannon-Grant said about Rayla Campbell – it was same thing, one hundred-fold. And some of the most scurrilous crap came from blue check-marks.

Pam Bondi: Someone had to lay out the corruption of the Biden Crime Family. This was a start.

One quibble: I wish they’d given Dr. Scott Atlas a prime-time slot, so that he could have laid out the facts on the virus the way Bondi did on the Bidens and Grenell did on Obamagate.

Now that I think about it, Grenell also said that this race is about a candidate who wants a national mask “mandate,” and one who doesn’t.

Fact check that one, CNN.

The Dems must be focus-grouping that mask thing, because this morning Sen. Kamala Harris went on state-run media (NBC) and said oh no, there won’t be any “penalties” for violating the “mandate,” and oh by the way, who likes wearing masks?

Kamala, masks suck. So does socialism.

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