Sleepy Joe Biden dazed and confused when it comes to Obamagate

So now it turns out that Joe Biden was in on the Obamagate dirty tricks scandal right up to his glazed, vacant eyeballs.

But actually, you will not be surprised to learn, Sleepy Joe appears somewhat … dazed and confused … about what exactly happened, and his connection to whatever it was that was done.

If Biden is eventually placed under oath and asked by the grand jury about the greatest political scandal in American history, you know what his answer will be.

“I don’t remember anything.” 

And who would be able to dispute him?

This week, Biden did a podcast with someone from the failing far-left magazine Vanity Fair, and the host informed Joe that the most popular nickname for him on the internet was “Dementia Joe.”

Joe kinda chuckled, nervously, and then said all that internet folderol doesn’t really matter:

“The vast majority of the voters out there that have voted, including young people, are not getting all their news from the internet.”

No, they’re reading evening newspapers. And then, on the weekends, those young whippersnappers go to the picture shows, and before the westerns they have these amazing new inventions called … newsreels. And some of them are even talkies!

In spite of the unfolding Obamagate scandal, Dementia Joe continues his virtual appearances live from the basement. The following are all from the past 10 days or so. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Most of the discussions are about the Panic. And Dementia Joe wants to make sure that everyone has PPEs, only he calls them, repeatedly, PPPs. You see, it’s a war.

“This time your soldiers and your sailors and Marines, they’re doctors, they’re people of nurses, they’re first responders.”

And President Trump, well, he’s just not getting the job done for the people of nurses.

“And now he’s literally in court trying to gut the whole law and strip millions of health insurers, millions of health insurers in the midst of health insurance in the midst of this global pandemic.”

And then there are all those workers who have lost their jobs in the Panic of 2020. They need more assistance.

“So workers don’t have to leave work to to get uh uh to be fired in order uh when they get sick to be able to continue to live.”

Last week Biden spoke to some gay-rights group, the Human Rights Coalition, and he endorsed gender-affirmation surgery, only he called it “gender confirmation.” Then Joe added, “There’s been an epidemic of violence against trans women, particularly trans women of cul-der.”

No color, cul-der.

When it comes to botching words, Dementia Joe is getting more, uh, demented.

“The fight for American equaligy was incredible to behold.”

That got him going, reminiscing about that historic fight for equaligy.

“I I I I I I’ve you know I’ve been a friend of the HRC and I’m convinced the American people are with us, I’ve seen firsthand the incredicable – incredible capacity.”

Dates continue to befuddle Dementia Joe. To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut once more, he’s come unstuck in time.

“In 1918, excuse me, 2018, I campaigned for over in 24 states for over 65 candidates.”

My favorite basement moments are when Joe uses analogies to make his … point, or something. Here’s one from last week:

“Well, it’s like having a washing machine where there’s no water and there’s and — you know don’t have any any detergent. There are machines but you need the material. Why aren’t why isn’t he insisting that that be moved quickly and insist that it this this begin to happen?”

Why indeed?

At another event, Dementia Joe claimed corporations were getting preferential treatment in the Panic bailouts.

“You know, here’s how it worked. Trump’s Treasury Department allowed corporations with connections to go right to the front of the line to get the conciage service that they got.”

Conciage? Well, as long as they didn’t get concierge services, like the ones he spent decades providing to all the big banks, which was why he was known as the senator from MBNA, the big Delaware bank that also gave a six-figure job to his drunken, crack-addled son Hunter.

Then there’s his tendency to repeat the same words over and over again, especially when he’s attacking President Trump.

“I mean he has not exercised the power he has and all he’s done is walked away from his responsibility saying that’s not my responsibility that’s the president’s responsibility.”

Is there an echo in here?

“Donald Trump claimed he would fight for the unforgotten middle class – excuse me, for the forgotten middle class but he immediately forgot them once he got elected. Soon as he got in office he forgot them.”

Just like Dementia Joe has forgotten about the unmaskings and Obamagate. How the hell is anyone ever going to prove he hasn’t. I mean, is there anything Dementia Joe hasn’t forgotten?

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