“Should I respond to Trump.” Tweet Beat – 10.9.20

I want to thank Steve Scully for making today’s edition of TB so easy.

Also Steve, I am so sorry your account was hacked. If it was the same time-traveling hacker who broke into Joy Reid’s old blog then this is strike 2 for that son of a gun.

Now let’s get to the tweets.

Joe Biden’s former intern doesn’t know how to use Twitter.

If the beginning of this post was confusing– allow me to explain.

President Trump’s supporters have been rightfully skeptical of Steve Scully’s ability to moderate a Presidential debate. After all, he did used to intern for Joe Biden. But Scully really proved all of his detractors right when he tweeted at Anthony Scaramucci for advice last night. The tweet, which was clearly meant to be a private DM, has since been deleted. But luckily screen grabs are forever.

Yikes. Scully should take a tip from Joe Biden and let his staff run his Twitter from now on. UPDATE: He is now telling people his account was hacked. Good luck with that one Scully.

How many more Miss Speaker? How many more?

How many more failed schemes is Pelosi going to pull in order to try and oust Trump. She is now rambling on about the 25th Amendment.

But why is she trying this nonsense if Biden is so far ahead of Trump in the polls. What was the last NBC poll– wasn’t he up by like 16 points?

Food for thought.

Teleprompter Takedown

The Trump camp has been retweeting this devastating ad that is 100% worth watching.

The Grey Lady Dreams of Green

The New York Times never fails to amaze with just how low they will go to take down Orange Man. Lately, their TDS is out of control. In their latest bizarre attempt to go after Trump, they came up with a new conspiracy.

Did they scrub it Ben–or were they hacked?

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