Seth Moulton at least called out the Biden clown car

If it comes down to Seth Moulton vs. Dementia Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and tubby Jim McGovern, I guess you know which side I’m on.

If it comes down to Seth Moulton vs. Dementia Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and tubby Jim McGovern, I guess you know which side I’m on.

I bow to no one in my longstanding disdain for the preening wannabe John Kerry (j.g.).

When Moulton was running for Congress the first time, I had him on my radio show to discuss his, ahem, business, and an alleged office he claimed to have in, I believe, London.

Moulton’s answers were unsatisfactory, to say the least. I haven’t spoken to him since, nor do I have any desire to, and he probably feels the same about me.

After a half-century of ethically challenged and/or dopey North Shore Congressmen – Mike Harrington, Nicky Pockets Mavroules, Peter Torkildsen, John Tierney – Seth seems a perfect fit in that long continuum of non-entities.

Moulton is a legend in his own mind, as seen by his laughable run for House Speaker followed by his even more preposterous “campaign” for president last year.

But now the ex-Marine is holding the failed Democrat Deep State establishment accountable for its criminal incompetence. Doesn’t somebody have to do it?

Sure, Moulton and the Republican from Michigan were grandstanding. But this is the worst disaster ever in U.S. foreign policy. Americans are getting killed by terrorists for no good reason. We’ve betrayed our allies.

And for speaking this obvious truth to power Moulton will now be forever shunned in polite Democrat society. Or so we are told by the regime’s media courtiers. Wow!

Does this mean that Jim McGovern won’t invite Moulton on the delegation’s next pilgrimage to Havana? Seth won’t be getting a gold-embossed invitation to the 2022 May Day celebration in Caracas?

Let’s face it, the Massachusetts Congressional delegation is like Groucho Marx’s old joke about how he wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have him as a member.

Say what you will about JoJoJo Kennedy and Marty Meehan – they figured out that if you’re a Massachusetts Congressman, it doesn’t matter if you’re “Up or Out,” as long as you can hop over the wall and escape.

Consider the payroll patriots who will now apparently be avoiding Moulton. Blow-in drifters like Katherine Clark and Ayanna Pressley. (Whatever happened to homegrown hacks — why do we need to import the likes of the fake Indian, Deval Patrick and Michelle Wu?)

There used to be local congressmen who at least knew a few people who actually worked for a living, even if they themselves could no longer remember ever having had a real job.

That category would include Reps. Steve Lynch and Bill Keating. They came up battling the Bulgers, which once was a resume enhancer in certain circles.

But now both have gone Woke. They’re haunted by a ghost. What the shade of Jacob Marley was to Ebenezer Scrooge, Mike Capuano is to Lynch and Keating — a warning of what could happen to them if they don’t toe the line.

As a self-admitted hack, Capuano never stepped out of line, not once, during his lackluster 20-plus years in Congress, but ultimately it wasn’t enough. He still got whacked by Ayanna Pressley in 2018. Lot of this going on in Democrat circles — Joe Crowley in Queens, Eliot Engel in the Bronx. Even Chuck Schumer is hearing the footsteps from AOC.

Poor Lynch and Keating — and you can throw the wretched Richie Neal into that category too. They’re white male heterosexual ethnic Catholics who had the temerity to be born and raised here.

In modern Massachusetts Democrat circles, that means they carry the stain of apostasy — the mark of the Beast.

None of them would have ever dared to make the trip Moulton did. They’re lifers. They’re all rounding third, thinking about their pensions. (Keating has already been pocketing a $114,449 state pension since 2011.)

Moulton, however, is still young enough to dream. He’s only 42. Maybe he can someday … really have an office in London.

Besides actually calling out the clown car that is the Biden administration, the best thing about Moulton’s trip to Kabul was that he betrayed his own class.

He’s a Harvard man, a Social Register type. As the Washington Post reminded us last week, all these trustafarian legacies in the Biden regime — Jake Sullivan, Taliban Tony Blinken, Ron Klain — went to the same elite colleges and have “spotless resumes.”

They all got great grades. Who doesn’t nowadays at these Ivy League schools, especially if your grandfather’s trust fund gave $10 million for the new equity-diversity-climate change building?

Whenever anything goes wrong — and since Jan. 20, what hasn’t? — the card-carrying media cheerleaders — Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos et al. — cover for their comrades.

The Beltway Baghdad Bobs sit in their studios and alibi for their fellow travelers. They harrumph that whatever else happens, Biden’s Beautiful People can still get the best tables Saturday night at any five-star restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard — with a single phone call.

And that’s all that ultimately matters, isn’t it? At least if you have a spotless resume.

Seth Moulton called out his own privileged, protected class, the one that is eagerly demolishing America. For that, I’ll give him a pass. At least today.

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