Sanctuary status sticks to state

So Massachusetts is not officially a “sanctuary state” for illegal alien criminals – wink wink nudge nudge.

The reality, of course, is that we are a sanctuary for foreign freeloaders, not just from the law, but from work. In Massachusetts, illegals aren’t treated the same as taxpaying citizens, they’re treated better, much better. Which is why I always say, if I ever get in a jam, I ask for no special treatment. Just treat me like an illegal alien criminal.

Five years ago, the state admitted (under great duress) to spending $1.8 billion annually on welfare for illegals. What do you figure we spend now on indigents from the Third World — $2.5, $3 billion? At least.

But we have newer studies to show just how out of control illegal-alien crime is in Massachusetts.

The Boston ICE office’s local Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) recently detailed how Massachusetts so-called law enforcement is facilitating foreign career criminals’ attempts to evade justice.

Some of these case you know – the African Uber driver who, when he was basically cut loose by the Quincy District Court after raping a Weymouth woman, fled back to Ghana. Or the Dominican gang-banger (another rapist) released on $2500 bail by a hack Democrat judge in Newton, after which he disappeared. Etc., etc.

But here are a few new ones from ICE:

In January, two Dominican illegals were arrested in Worcester on heroin and cocaine charges. ICE filed detainers with Worcester District Court but they “were not honored and both subjects were released.” They’re still at large – Dominican heroin dealers!

In February, a Guatemalan was arrested in Lawrence for armed robbery. An ICE detainer was issued but “Lawrence District Court released the subject from the courthouse without notifying ERO Boston. The subject remains at large.”

Same day, same city, a different illegal alien from Guatemala, this one charged with “domestic violence.” Once again, the ICE detainer was ignored and the court “released the subject from the courthouse without notifying ERO Boston. The subject remains at large.”

In April, back to Newton District Court, which may be even more illegal-criminal friendly than Quincy District Court. A previously deported Dominican cocaine dealer had been arrested and an ICE detainer issued.

“Officers attended the subject’s arraignment and advised court personnel of their intent to arrest the subject,” ICE reports. “However, the subject was allowed to abscond from the courthouse by a court security officer, despite ICE officers’ attempt to arrest the subject.”

I thought the elected officials of Massachusetts were deeply, deeply concerned about a) the opioid epidemic and b) the war on women. Right?

Yet here we have what appears to be official state policy, as promulgated in the SJC’s catastrophic Lunn decision on behalf of an illegal alien drug addict who celebrated his freedom by beating up an old American lady in a wheelchair, to look the other way if the perps are illegals.

Don’t trust ICE because they work for Donald Trump? How about the Boston Police Department? Do you believe the local cops?

The BPD has a research arm called the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC). BRIC just issued their 2017 Heroin Overdose Report, which included as one of its key findings:

“Dominican Drug Trafficking Organizations appear to control the majority of heroin trafficking in Boston.”

We knew this. But here it is, in black and white. And no one denies it. Yet we are told we have to coddle this population and support them forever.

The BPD reports that 20 percent of heroin dealers “self-report” being born in the DR, and 22 percent in Puerto Rico, which would make them US citizens. But most of them not.

“A significant number of the (heroin dealers) who claim to be born in Puerto Rico were actually found to be individuals who were born in the Dominican Republic using identifies stolen from individuals from Puerto Rican. It has been an ongoing regional trend… Of the 13 (heroin) arrests where a suspect listed Puerto Rico as a place of birth with a Puerto Rico-issued SSN, eight were deemed to be cases of stolen identity.”

Four emails were sent and three phone calls were placed to the office of Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker asking him if he had read the BRIC report. I wanted to know whether or not his administration planned to, you know, do something about Dominican drug dealers getting drivers’ licenses from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Finally, late yesterday afternoon,Tall Deval’s flack sent back this: “Gov. Baker has taken steps to prevent undocumented immigrants” – also known as illegal aliens – “from obtaining a driver’s license….” Blah blah blah.

Sanctuary? The illegal alien rapists and heroin dealers and bank robbers don’t need no stinkin’ sanctuary. They already got one. It’s called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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