Rollins hired after nationwide search, wink-wink

For $96,000 a year. Part time. Not to mention, very close to her home, a short drive, which will minimize the chance of any more of those unfortunate incidents with other motorists like in the parking lot at South Bay a couple of Christmases ago.

Another nationwide search!

This time it’s for Rachael Rollins, the disgraced ex-US attorney, run out of office by her fellow Democrats last year for, among other things, trying to rig an election in Suffolk County.

Did I mention, she also lied under oath?

And now she gets a hack job at Roxbury Community College for $96,000 a year.


It’s the hackerama.

Monica Cannon-Grant, Dianne Wilkerson and Kendra Lara could not be reached for comment.

According to the State House News Service story, Rachael will be the “part-time special projects administrator” in the new “Project to Support Returning Citizens.”

Returning Citizens?

You mean, like… jailbirds? You know, ex-cons? Like, for instance, the husband of Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Conan Harris, who did 10 years for drug trafficking.

Returning Citizens?

Certainly not like Tania Fernandes Anderson’s current heartthrob. Because he’s not returning anytime soon, since he’s doing life, for murdering a legal alien, as opposed to what Tania was until 2019, namely, an illegal alien.

The whole city – the state – has become just one big celebration of diversity.

Did RCC do their due diligence before hiring Rachael? Beyond just reading the feds’ reports on her last year. She had a job for a while at Massport that just sort of ended and she went off to Harvard. She also worked at the US attorney’s office years before Biden nominated her for the top slot.

I know we play the can-you-imagine? game too often. But can you imagine if a Republican governor took care of a disgraced prosecutor who had flat-out tried to rig an election and then lied about it by getting him a job?

For $96,000 a year. Part time. Not to mention, very close to her home, a short drive, which will minimize the chance of any more of those unfortunate incidents with other motorists like in the parking lot at South Bay a couple of Christmases ago.

Yes, she’s a lawyer. So what? If Rachael were any good, if she weren’t absolutely radioactive, wouldn’t she able to get a job in the Dreaded Private Sector that paid more than $96,000 a year?

But this is Massachusetts now. The governor dumps her elderly girlfriend to set up light housekeeping with a 20-years-younger woman who’d been working under her. And to make everything right with her former sugar mama, the governor gives the scorned woman a $232,101-a-year sinecure on the Supreme Judicial Court, behind which comes the pension.

And nobody bats an eye.

Again, can you imagine….

The president of Harvard gets caught in more than 40 instances of plagiarism, and even after being fired, still gets to keep her $960,000 tenured position.

And two other DEI “scholars” at Harvard are also credibly accused of 40-some odd instances of plagiarism, and so far, absolutely nothing has happened to them.

It’s almost as if the acronym synonym for DEI is EBT. It’s academic welfare.

But this is Massachusetts now. It’s like there are two states, one in which some people still have to play by the rules, and the other in which the protected classes… check the box, and get a free ride.

And there is no shame, none.

Last week, Rep. Ayanna Pressley – you know, the one with the husband who’s a “Returning Citizen” – invited a woman to go to the State of the Union address as her special guest because the woman is having $117,000 in student loan debt “forgiven.”

But forgiven is the wrong word. This $117,000 in debt, which the woman was legally obligated to pay, will now be picked up by people who… paid their student loans, or their kids’, or who didn’t go to school or earned their tuition by serving in the US military.

This woman, as you read in this newspaper (and just about nowhere else) makes $135,000 a year as a Boston Public School teacher. She lives on a “lane” in Dedham on a cul-de-sac in a house valued at $1 million.

On social media, she posts lovely photos of the Caribbean, and last summer advertised her Lincoln Navigator for sale.

Nothing says up by the bootstraps like a six-figure salary, a million-dollar home on a dead-end lane, Caribbean vacations and a Lincoln Navigator.

Oh, I forgot, in her press release Ayanna said the recipient of this latest round of welfare is a “first-generation” American, from Colombia.

Whatever happened to immigrants who just wanted to work the jobs Americans didn’t want to work? Now it seems they just want to grab the handouts Americans apparently aren’t entitled to.

People who were born here struggle to make ends meet, scrimping and saving at the supermarket, while illegal alien criminals get three meals a day, on the arm — $64 worth of food. Per day.

Plus their free housing and free medical and dental care, plus the free pre-natal services so they can drop their anchor babies to keep themselves on the dole for another 21 years or so.

This is Massachusetts now. And if the mayor wants to throw a racist Kwaanza party at the Parkman House and hang out the No-Whites-Need-Apply sign, it’s no problem.

Apartheid is okay, as long as it’s been enforced by the newcomers who just blew into town long enough to start checking the right boxes.

The St. Patrick’s Day party is this Sunday. It’s a tradition in the hackerama, after all.

New hacks for old. I hope someone Sunday at Halitosis Hall makes a joke about this latest hire, of Rachael Rollins.

As Billy Bulger used to say, It was a nationwide search.

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