RMV on Collision Course

All these Third World desperadoes who sell fentanyl and rape children are now going to be able to drive legally in Massachusetts – and maybe even for free.

How would you, as a resident of Massachusetts, rate the service of your state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) for the legal citizens of the Commonwealth?

Have you found it easy to schedule an appointment to obtain one of those coveted REAL ID’s?

Was it easy, or difficult, to schedule a test for your 16-year-old to get his or her learner’s permit?

Finally, though, the Registry is getting serious about making it easier to get a driver’s license.

Starting next month, they’re expanding the hours they’re open on weekdays! They’re hiring more than 200 new workers! They’re even going to start opening seven of their sites on Saturdays!

After basically taking the closest thing imaginable to an agency-wide vacation since the Panic was ginned up in 2020, the Registry is going to respond to the public’s needs.

Of course this isn’t a response to the needs of the citizens, you understand. What must be met are the needs of the illegal aliens who will be eligible to get drivers’ licenses here starting July 1.

They’ve been flooding into the Commonwealth with their hands out for years. But since Biden was installed as president in 2021, it’s become a torrent of Third World loafers invading this formerly First World nation.

Everything free in America. The old song has come true. So why not drivers’ licenses too?

As I’ve said before, the Republican party in Massachusetts picked a bad year to commit suicide in 2022. A bunch of us last summer worked hard to get a question onto the ballot to stop this. But the party’s Kool Aid Kult under former chairman Jim “Jones” Lyons totally botched the campaign.

Instead of working to win all the races on the ballot, Lyons was squandering party money on frivolous lawsuits, private eyes, and catastrophically bad campaigns like DoorDash Diehl’s. Lyons’ final win-loss record: zero for 2022, after going zero for 2020.

Right now, the Question 4 committee still owes $44,968.95 in unpaid bills. Up at the GOP state committee headquarters in Woburn, two pallets of campaign yard signs still sit in the office, gathering dust, the shrink wrap not even removed from the thousands of signs.

And that’s just one of the catastrophes Lyons et al. are responsible for. How much does the hapless Diehl campaign still owe in unpaid bills? Over $250,000, according to the new chair of the state committee.

The RMV assures the law-abiding gringos picking up the tab that everything with these licenses is going to be on the level. All the amigos are going to have to come up with legitimate ID’s – wink wink nudge nudge.

A lot of them have throw-down weapons but rest assured they won’t have throw-down drivers’ licenses. And of course they won’t be grabbing multiple licenses to, say, collect even more welfare under even more aliases.

The story in the paper yesterday mentioned the hiring spree at the RMV, yet there doesn’t seem to be an equal crush of business yet facing private auto insurers. Surely they’ll want to obey our auto-insurance laws, even if they couldn’t care less about any of our other laws?

If you ever peruse police reports, you already see an ever-increasing number of sentences like this one from a drunk-driving arrest in Hyannis last month after the newcomer to our land forced a police cruiser off the road:

“It was clear that he was not going to be able to complete the field sobriety tests road side due to the language barrier.”

He didn’t have a driver’s license. That same night on the Cape, another unlicensed driver crashed into a house in West Yarmouth. According to the report, he had to “communicate with police through an interpreter via cellphone.”

Here are some of the other new Americans who will apparently be eligible for drivers’ licenses eventually. I got their names from the US attorney’s office in Boston.

Let’s start with Andre Heraux Martinez, Dominican fentanyl dealer who according to the feds, “maintained a drug stash apartment located in Hyde Park.”

How about Jose Rodriguez, 42, of El Salvador, currently doing a federal stretch for illegal reentry? He was first deported in 2018 after a 3-to-5 bid in state prison for a child rape conviction in Suffolk County.

Once he finishes his latest 21 months in prison, how long will it take Milton Jose Arias, 32-year-old Dominican fentanyl gangster, to get his MA driver’s license? I know, he’s supposed to be deported, but guess what, he already came back once, illegally, just like everyone who’s going to be crowding into all the Registry offices to get their drivers’ licenses.

But, you say, at least this way we’ll get these banditos to recycle some of the proceeds from their welfare and criminal rackets back into the larger economy. They’ll have to pay for their licenses, won’t they? I mean, we pay, so they’ll have to pay too, won’t they?

Well, not necessarily. It’s only a bill right now, but one of the woke solons at the State House has filed legislation to eliminate drivers’ license application fees for “low-income residents.”

Hmmm. I wonder if the state rep and the so-called advocates have any special “low-income residents” they would like to be waiving the cost of drivers’ licenses for.

Here’s one more person I trust will soon be applying for a license, once he finishes the two years and one day in durance vile he was sentenced to last month in federal court.

His name is Fernando Valenzuela, but this one never pitched for the Dodgers. The feds describe him as “a Hyde Park man,” yet he was using the stolen identity of a US citizen to grab mucho welfare — $29,051 in unemployment benefits and $7,230 in food stamps.

According to the US attorney, “Valenzuela’s prior criminal record includes four drug convictions and a sex conviction involving a 13-year-old victim.”

All these Third World desperadoes who sell fentanyl and rape children are now going to be able to drive legally in Massachusetts – and maybe even for free.

What could possibly go wrong?

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