RINOs endangering election integrity

If Liz were a true Republican, she would put aside her country club snobbery and fight for election integrity and the Constitution to stop the progressive coup.

The good news this week is that the first RINO got the boot.

Unfortunately, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming didn’t know how to leave her U.S. House leadership role graciously. This Bush-era privileged princess says she is going to keep fighting President Trump’s “election lies.”

Who knew Liz was an election expert?  Who knew Liz did her own investigation?

I would like Liz to explain how the state of Pennsylvania mailed out 1.8 million ballots and got 2.5 million back. Well Liz?

If Liz were a true Republican, she would put aside her country club snobbery and fight for election integrity and the Constitution to stop the progressive coup.

Democrats know that they now have a proven system for stealing elections. That’s why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are aggressively working to pass the so-called Election Reform bill that will legalize ballot harvesting, prohibit election observers and end voter ID laws.  Come on, Liz!

Locally, the non-Biden bad news of the week is that Worcester Superior Court Judge Janet Kenton-Walker, who was appointed by former Gov. Deval Patrick, has killed the Massachusetts lawsuit challenging mail-in balloting. 

As I wrote previously, five former GOP 2020 candidates, Caroline Colarusso, John Moran, Ingrid Centurion, Steven Hall and Craig Valdez, filed a lawsuit against Gov. Charlie Parker and Secretary of State Bill Galvin that asserted they did not follow the Constitution. How we vote in the Commonwealth is specified in our state’s constitution. Thus, changing to a mail-in balloting system requires a constitutional amendment. Hence, the legislation passed by Bacon Hill and enacted by the Governor and Secretary of State was illegal. 

Kenton-Walker dismissed the lawsuit and wrote a brief “Memorandum of Decision and Order” to explain why she did it. Her decision failed to mention Article 105 of the Massachusetts Constitution, even though violation of that provision is the most important claim in the lawsuit.

The judge claimed that the plaintiffs – former candidates — had lack of standing. Then who in the heck in this country does have standing?

“We disagree with the judge’s failure to directly address the limits imposed by Article 105,” said plaintiff Colarusso. “The legislature did an unconstitutional power grab. We plan on appealing the decision to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. The Governor and the Secretary of state must abide by the clear requirements of our Massachusetts Constitution, which they swore an oath to uphold.”

While Colarusso et al. are fighting for the integrity of elections in court, the Election Modernization Coalition has been lobbying Bacon Hill legislators this week to pass the Votes Act (H.805). This legislation sponsored by Rep. John Lawn and Sen. Cynthia Creem would allow same-day voter registration, cement mail-in balloting, and ‘reform jail-based voting.’  The Votes Act is both a license to steal and an incumbency protection program of unprecedented magnitude. 

Let me state it again.  Mail-in balloting has nothing to do with the noble cause of getting more people to vote. It is just another way for incumbents to rig the system for their own re-election.  Not only does it make it easier to cheat, it also shortens the time span for a challenger to make their case to the voting public. 

So if our elections are on the up and up, Liz Cheney, why are Democrats pushing to make these “reforms” permanent with Covid subsiding?

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