Rehire the “Baker’s Dozen” Troopers! Today!

“You take an oath to the Constitution,” someone close to the situation said yesterday, “and then your civil liberties get trampled upon. It’s tough for a lot of people to get beyond what’s happened to them.”

Call them the Baker’s Dozen – the 13 Massachusetts state troopers who remain fired in the wake of the Wuhan Panic back in 2020-22.

Last week an arbitrator ordered the reinstatement of seven other honest troopers who were fired during the hysterical overreaction by Gov. Charlie Baker.

But 13 more troopers remain to be reinstated. And the rest of us must never forgot what the Deep State did to all of us during the Red Chinese-created virus, in their insane obsession to destroy the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

The reinstatement hearings for the last 13 troopers will take place this fall. It appears likely they too will be awarded their jobs back, along with back pay, time in service and all the rest of what they were stripped of so arbitrarily, for absolutely no good reason.

The 20 troopers claimed that they had religious objections to the vaccines on a variety of grounds – use of fetal cells, etc. The seven just offered their jobs back were found to have  had sincere beliefs. But the state claimed it could not “accommodate” them.

This happened to hundreds of thousands of American citizens – who worked in all sorts of jobs. Those working-class Americans couldn’t be “accommodated,” unlike every grifting illegal alien in the Third World who wants to come here and flop for the rest of their lives on the dole.

One of the seven troopers – a decorated hero – actually flew to India to get a shot that didn’t require him to violate his religious beliefs. He had to be quarantined for a week – it must have been like going to Maine in 2020!

But think about some of the reasons the troopers made their decisions.

One high-ranking superior officer got the jab and had what amounted to a stroke. He had to retire – he could no longer drive. Another guy almost died. His family had to use crowd-sourcing to support themselves.

This was all engineered by then-Gov. Charlie Baker – which is why the 13 are now known as the Baker’s Dozen. Some politicians knew it was a gigantic scam, or at least suspected that it was. Even a few Democrats figured out the con.

But most embraced the grift. The old saying is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Charlie Baker should know. It certainly corrupted him. And as so often happens, the bad guy is richly rewarded for his evil, dastardly deeds.

And so Charlie Baker now makes $3.5 million year looking as boss of the NCAA, twiddling his thumbs as women’s sports are destroyed by the transgender madness.

The hack coat holder at the MSP who actually enforced Baker’s ridiculous diktats was Col. Reed Mason.

Mason left when his patron did, and now receives a pension of $194,062 a year– $16,172 a month.

This Barnstable boob had his own Barnstable boob working for him – Lt. Col. Scott Warmington. After the disastrous Baker governorship ended, Warmington too fled, although his monthly pension is not yet listed on the comptroller’s website.

If the over-under on Warmington’s kiss in the mail is $175,000, I’m taking the over.

Meanwhile, the honest cops who didn’t want to take the vaccine got fired. Fired! In many cases, with dishonorable discharges, so that they couldn’t get hired by police departments in other states.

This is known as shooting at lifeboats.

It wasn’t enough to try to purge the MSP of honest people – while simultaneously in most cases not even taking away the pensions of, among others, the embezzlers out on the Mass Pike.

Think about the case of trooper Timothy Barry, a combat veteran and a CCD instructor – a Sunday school teacher. He was doing a day’s training at the academy in New Braintree when a connected cop with an appalling record of domestic abuse pulled him out of class.

They took Barry’s uniform, his badge, his gun, his patrol car – and left him stranded in the middle of nowhere, which is to say New Braintree.

I looked Barry up on the comptroller’s website yesterday. In 2021, he made $123,000. In 2022, he made $5200. He was informed of his termination right around Christmas 2021.

The brass held off for a few months, but finally fired the other 12 in April 2022. Unlike most of the crooked drunk-driving, gun-losing, drug-overdosing, gun-selling, wife-beating troopers, the Baker’s Dozen were afforded no opportunities to file individual grievances for discrimination, or lack of due process and so forth.

Baker’s hacks just summarily ruled that they did not have sincere religious beliefs, and fired them.

Some of them have been relying on the union, the State Police Association of Massachusetts, to press their cases for redress.

Others, caught up in the Faucist hoax, have hired private counsel to pursue individual lawsuits. At least one of them is out more than $100,000 in legal fees – on top of the lost wages, health insurance and other benefits.

They pulled the dogs from members of the K-9 units. As we’ve reported, the dogs live with the troopers, most of whom are married and have families. That means the dogs become family pets.

So the brass made sure to grab the dogs at the troopers’ homes, when the kids weren’t in school. That way they could properly deliver a message to the heretical cops – and everybody else — what happens when you don’t bend your knee to the regime, no matter how corrupt, and believe me, you couldn’t get much more corrupt than the Baker-Mason-Warmington junta that was running the State Police.

And then they had to board the dogs at a kennel in Acton, for more than $50 a day.

I predict the Baker’s Dozen will win their arbitration, and that the state will not appeal. Whatever else you might say will about Gov. Maura Healey, she does appear to relish the kind of public humiliation of innocent people that her predecessor so obviously enjoyed.

But the question is, after they get their back pay and other forms of restitution, how many troopers will really want to return to the job?

“You take an oath to the Constitution,” someone close to the situation said yesterday, “and then your civil liberties get trampled upon. It’s tough for a lot of people to get beyond what’s happened to them.”

The Baker’s Dozen are going to win. It’s just too bad they can’t take their damages out of Charlie’s own $3.5-million paycheck.

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