Region’s governors, mayors have gone over the edge

Gov. Charlie Baker, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and all the rest of these hack Northeastern governors and mayors closing down their borders don’t seem to grasp their real problem going forward.

Comrades, it’s not people trying to sneak into your economically devastated, fun-phobic police states that you have to worry about.

Your dilemma going forward will be trying to prevent your oppressed, unemployed subjects from fleeing in ever-greater numbers from the ruination your crackpot policies have visited upon them.

Let me put it another way: did the Communists build the Berlin Wall to keep people from coming into East Germany, or escaping from it?

Is the population of Venezuela going up, or down?

When Charlie Parker finally sets up his first Checkpoint Charlie at Logan Airport, the only business will be at the gates for the outgoing flights.

We already know that these smug, sanctimonious petty tyrants aren’t very good at statistics. For instance, “confirmed” deaths in Massachusetts on Wednesday were, drum roll please, two. And in Rhode Island … one fatality.

Yet the governors of both those states, Charlie Parker and Gina Raimondo, grow ever more tyrannical and imperious in their public harangues.

The fewer the deaths, the more draconian the lockdowns.

Raimondo is so panicked, in fact, that she’s imposing an 11 p.m. last call on all bars in Rhode Island, but not until next week.

(This virus is such a deadly problem that every lockdown is announced days if not weeks in advance. Right now you can order a drink at midnight in Providence in complete safety. Next week, the virus will strike you down if attempt to grab one for the road at 11:01.)

Raimondo’s crackdown made her the coolest kid in the COVID Cult, but not for long. Yesterday, the Democrat governor of Kentucky raised Raimondo and called her — he wants to impose a 10 p.m. last call for his bars.

This is the problem with police states. One diktat is too many, and a thousand are not enough. It’s all become a game for these self-important tools. This is their moment of glory and they’re never going to willingly let go of the whip.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills just imposed her fifth state of emergency – with 124 fatalities. She issued hers five days after New Hampshire extended its lockdown. They have 418 deaths.

It’s monkey-see, monkey-do. As early as March, the payroll patriots were trying to one-up each other. Remember Mayor Marty Walsh cutting barrooms in Boston back to 50% capacity?

The next day Gov. Charlie Parker shut down the bars, period. And the day after that, having no bars to shut down, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone closed the playgrounds – the monkey bars, you might say.

This is the spiral these fools now find themselves in. Once you’ve put everybody out of business, who do you go after next?

In Somerville, at least, the answer is, you go after Santa Claus. Mayor Curtatone has already abolished Christmas. He’s got an all-points-bulletin out for Jolly Old St. Nick. BOLO for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Grinch has got nothing on Mayor Curtatone.

And now we have this latest spectacle of these bust-out politicians, faced with the specter (as they see it) of declining death tolls. So they double down and impose preposterous self-quarantines, social-distancing and cops asking, Stasi-style, for your papers.

Unless, of course, you’re an illegal alien or looter, in which case, nothing to see here folks, move along.

Right now, Bill de Blasio has put forth the nuttiest plan. Like, who do you know who was planning to visit New York City anyway? You don’t have to go to the Big Apple to get shot — you can get murdered in any blue city in America, and you don’t to wait out a 14-day quarantine.

De Blasio, of course, went to high school in Cambridge, just as Charlie Parker and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy went to high school in Needham. Why are the worst people in politics so often from Massachusetts?

These de Blasio orders are so catastrophic that even that monumental dunce, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has figured out that the “Empire State” is circling the drain. He’s publicly begging rich people not to flee. He’ll buy ’em a drink, he’ll cook dinner for ’em.

Too late. When the phone don’t ring, Gov. Cuomo, you’ll know it’s all those billionaires who used to live on the Upper East Side.

The first governor to order police to stop visitors at the border was none other than R.I. Gov. Raimondo, back in March. She’s now whining about the … unfairness of it all. She ordered the cops to stop all cars with New York license plates — total violation of the Constitution, Article 4, Section 2:

“The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.”

Tough luck, Gina. What goes around, comes around. As all of you power-crazed hacks are going to discover, sooner or later.

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