READ: State Police release incident report regarding disgraced trooper

Do you remember disgraced corrupt MA state trooper Matthew Kelley #3979?

Do you remember disgraced corrupt MA state trooper Matthew Kelley #3979?

He was fired from the State Police gang unit last June after what the MSP first described as a “medical emergency” in May and then, under duress, admitted was “improper storage of contraband.”

Under further questioning, the crooked cops admitted that “the contraband was narcotics.”

Finally, almost a year after the incident, the staties have coughed up a heavily-redacted official report about the incident.


I’ve highlighted the relevant sections (most of the good stuff is redacted) but the highlights remaining are as follows:

On May 7, 2021, he “made a drug seizure” in (redacted). It was approximately 23 grams of cocaine.

After work he drove home to Middleborough where he apparently collapsed around 6 p.m. after talking to his wife and going upstairs to “use” the bathroom.

State Police interviewed the wife later that evening, first at their home and later at Morton Hospital in Taunton, where Kelley was apparently hospitalized.

Again, most of the salient details are redacted, I regret to say, but the official MSP conclusion on page 8 states:

“Trooper Matthew Kelley’s actions… may have violated MA State Police Policy and Procedure. This investigation revealed sufficient evidence to conclude that Trooper Kelley did violate the (redacted) laws of the Commonwealth (MGL 94C-34) by being in possession of (redacted)… and by having (redacted) stored in his assigned Department vehicle….”

We’ll try to get the Middleborough PD report (which is redacted by the crooked MSP).

We’ll also check the public MPD log, if there is one. But you know how much success we’ve had with the Barnstable PD log whie trying to find out about dodgy Col. Christopher Mason’s son’s problem in Hyannis with the unregistered, unlicensed Glock 17 while allegedly drunk and falling out of his SUV on Feb. 28.

The Barnstable PD didn’t even post the two incidents involving the colonel’s son on their log, although they do include “dogs barking” as worthy of mention. Since we’ve pointed this out, they’ve changed the protocol to make the log entries even more opaque.

BTW, Reid Mason’s next court appearance on his charges of improper storage of a firearm is July 8 at 9 a.m.

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