Ranked-Choice Voting is Back and Worse than Ever

It is coming back and we should all be worried! This time it’s ranked-choice voting, cruised at the polls in 2020 in a statewide referendum. But the Democrats are pushing this horrible idea yet again.

These Democrat socialists are the “energizer bunnies” of politics.  They never stop and they won’t stop until everyone is dependent on government.

When they lose, they just start planning the next campaign. (It took them six times to pass the 80 percent increase in the state income tax.) Once they win, it’s… settled law.

Just look at the issue of health care.  Do you remember Hillary-care? That idea was crushed. It was demolished. But that did not stop them on their quest for socialized medicine.

 After that humiliating defeat, the Democrats successfully pushed CHIPs—health care for children.  They kept pushing and pushing. Obamacare was next. Even though this next step forward toward socialized medicine is not popular, the Democrats have not backed down on Obamacare.

Now they say it proves we need a 100 percent takeover of our health care system by the government.  They keep going and going.

Here at home in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts these “energizer bunnies” are still at work on ranked-choice voting. They have not given up!

After the 2020 elections, we were all breathing a sigh of relief that ranked-choice voting was killed at the statewide ballot box, 55 to 44 percent, despite the fact that the woke mob outspent the taxpayers, as always, by a huge margin, perhaps 20-1.  But like the gas-tax referendum in 2014, money wasn’t enough. The idea is that toxic, if you think about it for more than 30 seconds.

It meant that the last Republican Congressman in Maine, Bruce Poliquin, lost his seat in 2018 to a Democrat he defeated by 2000 votes. Ranked-choice voting is why Sarah Palin isn’t the Congresswoman from Alaska, and why Lisa Murkowski is still the senator.

How bad is ranked-choice voting? They get rid of it in California, after a third-place finisher somehow ended up as district attorney of San Francisco. (And no, it wasn’t Kamala Harris!)

Once this horrible idea was nixed by the state electorate in 2020, I am sure you assumed, as I did, that we were safe here. But they have not stopped.

With the failure on the statewide ballot initiative, progressives are prohibited from resubmitting for four years. However, they are now working woke town by woke town to pass ranked-choice voting.  So far, they’ve gotten it approved it in Concord and Northampton.

At the State House, the Election Law Committee has reported out favorably bills allowing other municipalitiees to pursue it.

With legalized mail-in balloting, socialist Democrats now totally control our state and the election apparatus, so if they pursue another ballot question we could be in even more peril. Until we can find a favorable court to dump mail-in balloting (or get the legislature to repeal it, which isn’t going to happen obviously), it is time for the GOP to learn to take advantage of the new system.

Moreover, we need to be “energizer bunnies” and not give up on the important fights such reducing taxes and stopping illegal immigrants from accessing benefits they’re not entitled to.

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