Put This on a Billboard, Governor, People are Leaving Massachusetts

Gov. Maura Healey is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to get people to move from Florida to Massachusetts.


Give it up, Maura. It ain’t happening. I know that when it comes to squandering public funds, the words “due diligence” are unknown on Beacon Hill. But perhaps someone should check out the “domestic migration” numbers from the Census Bureau.

Between 2019 and 2022, 853,720 Americans moved from other states to Florida.

In the same period, 165,981 Americans fled Massachusetts. That was the fifth highest total among the 50 states.

It’s quite an accomplishment, considering that the Bay State is only the 16th most populated state. In other words, when it comes to population flight, Massachusetts is fighting way above its weight class.

And can we all agree that the 166,000 number is probably much less than reality, and it’s only going to get worse?

Who in their right minds would ever move out of a state like Florida with a temperate climate, laissez-faire social mores and no income taxes to one like Massachusetts with rotten weather, some of the highest tax rates in the country as well as a stifling regime of political correctness and utter lawlessness on the streets?

Yet Healey is throwing money away on billboards in Tampa and Orlando, as well as in other states, touting… what, exactly?

If you’re an illegal alien, of course, Massachusetts is a primo resort destination. Everything free in America. In fact, the $181,722-a-year secretary of Health and Human Services, Kate Walsh, just put out a bragging memo about how many freebies the state is doling out to all the indigent, non-English-speaking Third Worlders flopping into the Commonwealth.

The undocumented Democrats are grabbing everything from popsicles to pre-natal services for their future anchor babies that will assure them welfare in perpetuity.

As long as they stay out of Martha’s Vineyard, everything free in America.

One service, though, is left unmentioned in Walsh’s self-congratulatory epistle: job placement.

Other than these tens of thousands of illegal aliens looking for a lifetime on the dole, who the hell would want to move to Massachusetts? This state is turning into a lunatic bin, a dystopian disaster.

Have you tried to get into the city from the North Shore since they shut down the Sumner Tunnel?

The hacks and the “advocates” might as well be putting targets on the backs of everyone who still works for a living. Illegal aliens are getting drivers’ licenses – and some legislators want to give them the licenses for free. Now the same solons want to give them the vote.

Consider the events of last weekend in Clifford Park in Roxbury. A Pop Warner football program almost folded because the park is overrun with junkies from the nearby open-air drug bazaar at Mass and Cass.

Apparently the rights of homeless junkies trump those of little kids.

And it’s not just in Boston either. In Somerville, the local pols want the cops to stop ticketing bicyclists for running red lights and stop signs. Is there anything more infuriating than when you’re driving a car and you get the finger from these goateed losers who simultaneously demand to be treated like motorists except when it comes to obeying the same traffic laws as everybody else?

But hey, they’re hippies. They don’t work. They blew in here from New York, or Chicago. They have trust funds. You can’t expect them to obey the same traffic laws as taxpayers.

It’s fine with me, as long as all us deplorables and bitter clingers in our internal-combustion vehicles are likewise allowed to run stop signs and red lights. You know, the way Boston city elected officials drive, or are driven, randomly crashing into other vehicles, and houses, while driving without licenses.

And if you dare speak out about, say, the Mayor of Boston, well, City Hall will put you on the enemies’ list.

Then there’s the People’s Republic of Cambridge. That’s the home of not just Harvard, but also the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

But now the public schools in Cambridge have stopped offering middle-school students advanced math because… diversity.

The parents are going crazy, because, let’s face it, you really do have to know something about algebra, unless you plan to spend your life on welfare. But maybe that’s the plan.

For most people, algebra isn’t much fun. It certainly wasn’t for me. In his concurrence with the decision ending the racist admissions policies at Harvard and UNC, Justice Clarence Thomas even mentioned the pain of the a-word:

“As anyone who has labored over an algebra textbook has undoubtedly discovered, academic achievement results from hard work and practice, not mere declaration.”

But not in Cambridge, not anymore. Hard work and practice are out the window, like traffic laws for bicyclists in Somerville next door.

In the new Massachusetts, some people will still have to work for a living, obey the traffic laws and pay for their drivers’ licenses – but only until they figure out how to flee, like everybody else.

By the way, the Globe says those population losses are only “perceived.” You know, kind of like the House of Horrors, Kendra Lara’s traffic accidents, the mayor’s enemies list and the needles in Clifford Park.

Who are you going to believe – what you see with your own eyes here in Massachusetts, or the Globe and Maura’s nice billboards in Florida?

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