Producer’s Picks – 6.7.21

(You totally read that as Producer’s Piiiiiiiiicks)

D’oh-Day: Kamala Harris is known for not saluting the troops and completely ignoring Memorial Day, but like the old saying goes, “The fish rots from the head down.” Not content to let his second-in-command-identity-politics-prop out do him, “Lunch Bucket Joe” said hold my beer, and completely ignored D-Day.

Only the One-Horse Pony, Peter Doocy, the “noisy fixture,” as the LA Times called him, had the fortitude to ask about Biden’s silence. Jen Psaki, as always, was informative.

Psaki it to me, baby, yeah!

National Propaganda Radio: Speaking of the Three-Ring-White-House, NPR host and media darling Yamiche Alcindor, who is famous for asking the tough questions of the Biden White House, had a very poignant, and not-at-all partisan question at today’s press briefing

I understand that this was the first time that the briefing room was at full capacity, but it seems to be the same number of clowns stuffed into this particular car… And for the record, there’s only one Alcindor I recognize.

Look at those chops! Just glorious… I’ve talked to Kareem on several occasions, very smart man. Tall…

Royal Update: Grace was, naturally, ahead of me on this story, but, the Ex-Duke and Dutchess of Sussex welcomed a baby girl, and after a few days released her name: Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. According to accounts,”Lilibet” was a family nickname for The Queen. It’s a somewhat curious move for the woke spoiled brats, given their intentional distance from the Royals. Here’s a Vanity Fair piece on Palace Reaction.

Tales From Chicago: “Twerkin’ for a Livin” – Oh, that toddlin’ town… What do you call it when 55 people are shot in Chicago? The weekend. Ba-dum-tis. Thank you, try the veal. But, this isn’t about Mayor Beetlejuice’s failures, it’s about a Chicago Police cruiser which had 3 women twerking while they were driving through the city.

Bet your bottom dollar you have some fun in Chicago. Get it? “Bottom?” Ba-dum-tis.

Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Birthday Blitz: A lot of notable birthdays on June 7, including, but not limited to:

Jessica Tandy, Liam Neeson, Bear Grylls, Tom Jones, Prince, Mike Pence, and Dean Martin; which allows us to post one of our favorite sound clips in visual form for the audience:

Now if you’ll excuse me, well… you know the rest.

Well, that’s Producer’s Picks for today – more weekdays at 2:30 pm! And if you miss any Producer’s picks, the podcasts are always available at (the website you’re on- just click podcasts).

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