Producer’s Picks 5.27.21

Shell Yeah: Senate Republicans are ready to use the filibuster to block the formation of a 1/6 Commission. To which I can only say, Amen! And A Womyn! The “Muh Insurrection” bit is getting a tad tired, and the narrative keeps falling apart, despite the manhunt for Middle America Boomers to be sent to the gulag.

Occasionally, people can surprise you. Still not turning around in his presence, but in this instance, go Turtle, go!

Tales From Chicago: Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a fountain of good ideas. Fresh off telling White reporters to go kick rocks, “The Public Face of Chicago” has a new way to lose votes: a “Permanent” 10 P.M. curfew on buying liquor at stores. The move is designed by the only mayor in America who can look like both Bettlejuices at the same time, to “Curb crime by stopping gatherings outside liquor stores and help recovering bars and restaurants.” Ok, great in theory, but there’s nothing to stop people from buying copious amounts of liquor earlier and congregating anyway. If it wasn’t for bad ideas, Democrats wouldn’t have any…

Sportsball in the News: Brooklyn Nets Point Guard and former Boston Celtic, Kyrie Irving is returning to Boston as the Nets face the Celtics in the NBA playoffs. But, since it’s Boston, you know what that means. Yes, Kyrie is worried about the “Subtle racism” in the city. From the article: “It’s not my first time being an opponent in Boston,” Irving said Tuesday. “I’m just looking forward to competing with my teammates and hopefully we can just keep it strictly basketball. There’s no belligerence or racism going on, subtle racism, or people yelling s— from the crowd.”

Memo to Kyrie: it was your attitude that turned the city off to you – skin color had nothing to do with it. Former Celtics Center Kendrick Perkins was asked about this on ESPN, and had a response:

Kick HOF: Arguably the most clutch Kicker in NFL history, and the individual all-time points leader, Adam Vinatieri is retiring after 25 years. His first coach, Bill Belichick had this to say:

OTD: In 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge opens to Pedestrian traffic, connecting San Francisco to Marin County.

In 1969, Actor Jeffrey Hunter died from an intracranial hemorrhage and fractured skull. Hunter played Jesus in “King of Kings,” but may be most remembered as the first Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original Star Trek Pilot, “The Cage.”

William Shatner always be the tops, but Jeffrey Hunter definitely had chops.

In 20011, Bruins forward Nathan Horton scored the only goal in one of the best – if not the best – hockey games ever played:

The Bruins went to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1990, where they would beat the Vancouver Canucks in 7 games, winning their first Stanley Cup since 1972, when Bobby Orr was still playing. A younger me remembers being so nervous that day that I couldn’t eat. Sportsball!

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