Producer’s Picks – 5.25.21

(You totally read that as Producer’s Piiiiiiiiicks)

Rand Paul walks into a room Wild West Pimp Style… today’s picks are a real smorgasbord. Enjoy!

50% of the time, it works every time: The CDC and White House announced that as of today, 50% of American Adults are fully vaccinated. So any minute now expect Charlie Parker to “Shut it down.” The sad part is, I’m only 50% certain that’s a joke…

Say my name: If your name is “Antony,” you’d expect that occasionally some people may mess up your name; call you “Anthony,” instead. It’s probably been happening to Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken his whole life. But, Palestinian President Abbas pulled a doozy:

Whoops. To be fair, Abbas has been in office for something like 16 years, so he’s seen quite the rotation of SOS. However, if I’m Blinken, I’m thinkin’ I might watch my back, in case Hillary doesn’t share his sense of humor.

Zoo York City: Um… New York is a mess, and its leaders are a complete disaster. Mayor Bill de Blasio last week held a press conference wearing a Brooklyn Nets jersey and hat, to support the club’s NBA playoffs appearance. Well, like a good politician, he’s a fan of all the local teams. The Knicks made the playoffs for the first time in about 100 years, and Baller Billy was feeling himself… and he had a message for Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young (Who hit the game- winning basket with 0.9 seconds left in game 1):

Cringe worthy. Buuut, not to be outdone, Governor Andrew Cuomo decides to take a break from feeling up staffers, and random people he meets, while condemning the elderly population of his city, to disparage our Veterans.

Oh boy. I hate to nitpick, Love Guv, but I’m pretty sure that Memorial Day already has honorees. This certainly isn’t a commentary against First Responders and Essential Workers who lost their lives. My point is for Cuomo: maybe wait a week? You know, since that day’s already booked. As Memorial Day. To remember and honor Service Members who lost their lives.

Richard Marxism: Howie said it during today’s crossover, and he’s right: Rand Paul deserves several medals for what he’s been through over the past few years. He’s been shot at by a Bernie Bro, assaulted to the tune of broken ribs and a punctured lung by his neighbor, accosted in a DC street, and had a dangerous package mailed to his house. But the Rand Paul getting mailed a suspicious package story takes a weird turn.

If you had Richard Marx vs. Rand Paul on your 2021 bingo card, congrats. Though after researching this story, I can now tell the difference between Richard Marx and Kenny G; and my life has been impacted in no significant way.

OTD: in 1961, JFK tells Congress that we will put a man on the moon by the end of the decade:

And we did have the Moon Landing, just eight years later, creating the biggest conspiracy theory involving the 35th President… wait…

In 1968, The Gateway Arch is dedicated, or as I like to call it – the lamest tourist attraction in the worst city in America… because, yes, I am still bitter from the 2019 Stanley Cup, thank you for asking. Their toasted raviolis are great, though. *This is purely my feelings of bitterness over hockey, and is not reflective of Grace Curley or the Howie Carr Radio Network.*

Now, on to the biggest On This Day – in 1977, “Star Wars” is released in theaters!

Aside from shaping my geek life, the film starts the franchise that dominates Science Fiction to this day, inadvertently saves “Star Trek,” and unknowingly gives us this absolute trip:

May the force be with you… Always.

Except you, St. Louis… you can have the Turkish knock off.

Well, that’s Producer’s Picks for today – more weekdays at 2:30 pm! And if you miss any Producer’s picks, the podcasts are always available at (the website you’re on- just click podcasts).

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