Producer’s Picks 5.21.21

(You totally read that as Producer’s Piiiiiiiiicks)

Had an abbreviated Producer’s Picks today on-air, so there’s some bonus web only content. And awaaaay we go!

G.I. D’oh: President Hamburglar, God’s gift of gaffe, awarded the Medal of Honor to Army Colonel Ralph Puckett, Korean War Veteran. I feel awkward ragging on Joe during these types of events, which are solemn and great things. But Prez just makes it too easy. So, first, thank you, Colonel Ralph Puckett for your service and bravery; and the Medal of Honor is well deserved. Secondly, I’m sorry that you got your medal from that guy. After taking credit for Peace in the Middle East, he creates a military academy – “Westbick Point,” tells Col. Puckett’s wife that she has his mother’s eyes, then screws up a poem he tried to recite to her, and he also talks about Col. Puckett’s platoon being outnumbered by the Chinese “2 to 3.” There is more, too folks – the good stuff starts about 4 minutes in.

And speaking of Bidens…

I’m prescribing 10 cc’s of “Go [expletive deleted] yourself”: Before Kamala Harris abandoned her principles to play second-banana-fiddle to Joe Biden because her skin color was advantageous to him, Dr. Jill Biden was upset that Kamala attacked her future boss’ record on racism.

“An incensed Jill Biden vented “Go f— yourself” after a June 2019 Democratic presidential debate in which Kamala Harris questioned Joe Biden’s record on race, according to an excerpt of The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere’s forthcoming book, titled “Battle for the Soul.” Meow, Doctor...

Ida Pay-ed Well: Nikole Hannah Jones, or “Ida Bae Welles” on Twitter, Pulitzer Prize winning author of the 1619 Project, (which asserts that America only exists to perpetuate slavery) was recently given a teaching position at her Alma Mater, The University of North Carolina. However, she will not be getting tenure, but merely a 5-year contract. No word yet how this compares to Hunter Biden’s teaching slot at Tulane.

OTD: On this day in 1932, Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to pull off a non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2017, after 146 years, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus held their final performance at the Nassau veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Since this is the 2nd time in two days that I’ve referenced Long Island, enjoy this picture of Mike Bossy with his stick on fire for no particular reason. Have a great weekend!

Well, that’s Producer’s Picks for today – more weekdays at 2:30 pm! And if you miss any Producer’s picks, the podcasts are always available at (the website you’re on- just click podcasts).

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