Producer’s Picks 5.19.21

(You totally read that as Producer’s Piiiiiiiiicks)

Grace wanted a little more upbeat Producer’s Picks today, so of course I shall oblige.

Bibi guns: Before he took the stage to insult Military Graduates – and the English language as a whole – Joe Biden had a phone call with Israeli PM Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, where he made it clear that he expects a “De-escalation” on Israel’s part today. Within 10 minutes of the WH releasing that statement, Lebanon starts firing rockets into Northern Israel.

I love a President who has his finger on the pulse of unstable Geo-political situations. No word whether Biden was wearing a mask on the call.

I’ll have the McBorscht: Comrade Bernie can’t decide what to do about burgers. In one breath, we must stop eating meat, because cow farts, and the next, McDonald’s is so important that workers need to strike.

Yeah, I get comparisons are hard, especially when you’re referencing a country whose population is roughly a million people less than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but do better, Bern. That is such a vapid argument. Though, I’m sure that all the time Bernie spent not being an American worker has really shaped his opinions of their plight. And, as I said on the show, I’m never going to stand in the way of people making livable wages… but – if you’re making $22 an hour, when I say no mayo on my burger, there better be NO MAYO on that burger! Or else I reserve the right to go the full Karen.

Schooled: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the AFL–CIO, has been holding the American schoolchildren hostage, and even advising the CDC and the Biden Administration on policy. Well, no bad deed goes unpunished; Weingarten was on C-SPAN, where she took calls from parents. And it went, well, see for yourself:

The next call should be to the MGH Burn Ward, because, OUCH. Thank you, parents of America, for restoring my faith in humanity.

Rue Britannia: A “Happy 3rd Anniversary” to Britain’s brilliant Ex-Pat couple, the Duke and Dutchess of Woke-town, Harry and Meghan. Who knew that on May 19, 2018, while standing in full regalia at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle that your crazy journey would take you to where you are today? But, if nothing else, they provided us with this gem:

Sigh… I really miss that Cheeky Bloke.

Well, that’s Producer’s Picks for today – more weekdays at 2:30 pm! And if you miss any Producer’s picks, the podcasts are always available at (the website you’re on- just click podcasts).

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