President Silver Alert and his ad-libbing disasters

Dementia Joe Biden is now so incoherent that even the official White House transcripts are calling him out for his howling whoppers.

Dementia Joe Biden is now so incoherent that even the official White House transcripts are calling him out for his howling whoppers.

For me this is great news. No one individual can catch all the insanity that this duplicitous dolt spews out of his fork-tongued mouth every day.

But now, help has arrived for all us scribblers. Brandon archivists now have an additional resource — the White House website. And the White House is catching mistakes that most of us would never have noticed.

For example, there was a gay-pride event at the White House Wednesday. Among his other dementia-related problems, Brandon stumbled as he read this from his prepared remarks:

“People like the legendary advocate …” Long pause … “Mr. Vaid.”

He couldn’t come up with “Mr.” Vaid’s first name. Which is par for the course. But when I checked the official transcript, somebody had inserted a line through “Mr.” and added, in parentheses, “(Ms. Urvashi).”

In other words, Dementia Joe “misgendered,” as the wokesters say, this lesbian activist named Urvashi Vaid. Aren’t college professors being canceled or denied tenure for the same high crime of misgendering?

Only if they’re Republicans, I guess.

The point is, I never would have caught that stumble. But Brandon couldn’t get it past the stenographers at the assisted-living facility that 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has become.

It’s also convenient the way the White House makes its corrections — with a line through the mistake. It’s quick and easy to scroll through the daily rations of lies and gibberish.

As you might expect, the problem with Mr., er Ms. Vaid wasn’t Brandon’s only recent flubbing of a name.

At this same gay event, he introduced the late Matthew Shepard’s father as David Shepard. David had a line through it. His name is Dennis.

In L.A., he identified the DNC chairman as “Jaime Harris.” It’s Harrison.

At the AFL-CIO convention he called Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon “Mary Kay Scanlon.”

At an Asian-Pacific event, he identified a Japanese American woman as “Karen Nagasaki.” Her name, the White House transcript informs me, is “Narasaki.”

Surely calling a Japanese American “Nagasaki” is a cancelable offense, is it not? But no one even blinks an eye as President Silver Alert dodders aimlessly around the White House grounds.

On the White House website, everything Brandon says is just transcribed, without comment. Nobody tries to put a shine on these sneakers.

At the Port of Los Angeles, he introduced the new Supply Chain Envoy, whatever that is, as the “Super Chain Envoy.” The only correction made was to put a line through “super” and change the word to “supply.”

“Global inflammatory pressures” became “global inflationary pressures.”

As helpless as he is even when reading from a prepared text, Biden is even more lost when he’s ad-libbing. When he veers off-script, the transcript font is helpfully switched to a light blue color, as if his care-givers are throwing up their hands and saying, “You can’t blame us for this one!”

For instance, as he mentioned high costs in urban areas, Biden babbled, “It costs you 12 to 14,000 dollars a month for child care.”

Month has a line through it and (year) is added.

Other times, he’s spewing out such nonsense that nothing can be done beyond simply transcribing it and letting readers try to decipher it. Often Biden’s babbling appears even crazier in print than when you’re watching him speak live on some video feed.

For instance, this week he spoke extemporaneously about two U.S. senators who were World War II vets — Robert Dole and Daniel Inouye. Both were severely wounded in the 1944-45 Italian campaign.

What follows is from the official White House transcript. Remember, Joe Biden was born in 1942, approximately two years before the events he’s describing:

“For the 50th anniversary of D-Day, when we — they both got shot and mortally woun — badly wounded on mountain tops — I was with them both — on mountain tops, on the west coast, they were literally, as the crow flies, less than 2 miles from one another.”

So at the age of 2, GI Joe Brandon was there in Italy with the two future senators when they were mortally wounded. Literally.

Obviously, you can’t put a line through that entire paragraph. But sometimes the hacks do let ridiculous statements stand, such as his recent brag that “what I have been able to do — the largest release of oil in — from the global fund in history.”

The global fund? Surely Brandon meant to say, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The Global Fund sounds like something in your 401(k), managed by either Fidelity or Vanguard.

When he was in New Mexico, talking about the government-set forest fires that have ravaged huge parts of the state, Biden embellished more than somewhat about a minor smoky kitchen fire at one of his Delaware mansions in 2004.

Except now, of course, the blaze was bigger than the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

“My fire department saved my life literally, not figuratively … the floors were collapsing … I was in Washington when it happened.”

The fire was in Delaware, he was in D.C., but the local fire department saved his life. Literally, not figuratively.

Biden often talks about staring at the ceiling. Usually it’s his father. On Wednesday, at the gay event, it was gay youth.

“Right now there are young people sitting in their bedroom, doors closed, silent, scrolling through social media, staring at the ceiling … .”

Mr. President, have you ever personally tried to scroll through social media while at the same time staring at the ceiling?

Please, if any moonbats wish to comment on this column, remember, as always all dialogue guaranteed verbatim — this time from the official White House transcripts.

We’re only 17 months into this historic catastrophe, and as we stare up at the ceiling, everyone wonders, what fresh calamities can Brandon inflict on America?

Or, as Brandon asked rhetorically in New Mexico:

“What are the aftermath?”

May we quote you on that, Mr. President?

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