Potential subjects for Stevie ‘the Rifleman’ Flemmi to be questioned about when he’s cross-examined in the Salemme murder trial

1980: Flemmi reports to his FBI handler on Cadillac Frank’s induction into LCN.

1983: Could this story about a BPD hitman conspiring to kill future US AG Eliot Richardson be true? I hope Flemmi is asked about this FBI report when he’s on the witness stand!


Pictured above: Detective/ hitman Bill Stuart.

1983: Flemmi tells FBI that then Police commissioner Joe Jordan owed Mafia boss Gerry Angiulo “a big favor.”

1983: Flemmi says future federal judge Mark Wolf has a big mouth and is responsible for “leaks” about him that get back to the Mafia.

1986: Flemmi points the finger at another high-ranking cop in Boston.

1990: Flemmi reports Salemme hangs out at the Busy Bee in Brookline…presumably Thursdays, when they have the excellent stuffed peppers special!

1990: How would you like it if your best “friend” was ratting you out to the FBI like Flemmi was with Cadillac Frank?

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