Pot heads help keep Biden rolling

“After student loan forgiveness, 73% of borrowers will spend more on travel and dining out.”

Remember Joe Biden’s unconstitutional decision to cancel perhaps as much as a trillion dollars in student-loan debt run up by drug-addled deadbeat gender-studies majors at the local community college?

The good news is, this latest giveaway to the non-working classes has been halted by a federal judge. The bad news is, it’s probably only a temporary stay, likely to be overturned by a higher court.

So now, just as the holiday season arrives, there’s been a survey of what the youths will be using their windfalls on. Here’s the headline from CNBC:

“After student loan forgiveness, 73% of borrowers will spend more on travel and dining out.”

Isn’t that special? If you go to the actual poll numbers, of the 1,250 respondents, 28% of the goateed hipsters plan to use the extra money on “drugs/alcohol,” and another 27% will splurge on “gambling.”

Well, as long as they’re not going to squander the money….

I’m sure that much of the money will be used for other necessities of life in the deadbeat demographic – tattoos, for instance. And for getting their man buns and goatees trimmed.

I mention this survey today because some media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) are saying that the proposed “forgiveness” may be one reason why the red wave didn’t materialize.

According to at least one exit poll, 63% of voters in the 18-29 age group went for the free stuff party.

That wasn’t the only issue that the octogenarian leadership of the Democrat party has been using to pander to the “utes” of America with. But the other wedge issues that they fabricated for this election cycle mostly involved non-existent perils – no abortion! Pot smokers in prison! Climate apocalypse!

Canceling student loans, on the other hand, is real – it’s a direct handout to a bunch of shiftless losers, which is to say, Democrats.

They won’t be getting cash directly, but up to $10,000 or $20,000 taken off their balances. That will likely mean savings of hundreds of dollars a month in repayments (assuming of course the repayments are ever resumed, given the continuing Panic “emergency” that Brandon keeps declaring every three months).

Among the twentysomething children squatting in their parents’ basement when the news was announced, excitement was great. Because even the remote prospect of someday having to repay the money they owed was a “crisis.”

“I almost dropped my phone when I saw the news alert,” one of them said. Surely he meant to say he almost dropped his… pipe, or bong. But soon, he’ll be able to buy a better grade of weed. Thanks, Brandon!

When the likes of the fake Indian were promoting this idea of transferring more than $1 trillion of debt from the non-working to the working classes, it was portrayed as… “economic justice.”

Of course, the debt isn’t being “forgiven,” it’s being transferred, from people who had voluntarily accepted the cash they were legally obligated to repay, to people who didn’t get to go to college to learn how to tap kegs and roll joints.

Can someone say “equity?”

Which was why the Republicans suing to stop the giveaway griped in their court filings that this latest Democrat welfare grift was “economically unwise and downright unfair.”

Exactly. And that was why the Democrats supported it so enthusiastically. They loved the “downright unfair” part of the boondoggle even more than the “economically unwise” piece.

Maybe this latest flim-flam did help the Democrats Tuesday, at least on the margins. The problem is, the handouts are still frozen – kind of like my refund from the Mass. Department of Revenue, come to think of it, which is my own money, not somebody else’s.

But if this debt “forgiveness” is such an electoral winner for the Democrats, why stop with the Cheech and Chong demographic? Why not “forgiveness” for other segments of the population, those who have real jobs, for instance, and who have been crushed by the Biden administration’s insane economic policies since January 2021.

I mean, if the government can tell “students” they don’t have to repay their legally contracted debts, why not deal with the terrible financial problems created by divorce? Why not “forgive” every male’s alimony and child support payments?

Have the Democrats pick up the tab for every divorced dad, like they want to do for every transgender illegal alien who went to Mass Bay Community College.

If Dad is required to pay off the student loans for all the modern-day Maynard G. Krebs characters, why shouldn’t Maynard chip in for the cisgender Deplorable who has a job and doesn’t live in Mom’s basement?

Or, how about this? Everyone’s retirement plan has taken a beating since Brandon crashed the economy. Not that this matters to all the legacies and protected classes in the White House that have either a trust fund or a defined-benefit pension plan, or most likely, both.

But believe it or not, many people (often with calluses on their hands) don’t. Not everyone can be Ron Klain or Brian Deese.

How about the federal government just return every dime that every investor has lost since Jan. 20, 2021 – in their 401K’s, 529’s, SEP’s, IRA’s, whatever. We can call it… reparations.

Then there are mortgage payments. The hippies claim they were misled into believing that their associate degrees in queer studies would mean big-money jobs on Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Doesn’t the same principle apply to those people who in 2020 bought $400,000 ranch houses for a million-two and now the price is heading back to… 400 large?

Weren’t they hoodwinked too? Where is the forgiveness for recent homebuyers?

Christmas is coming. Wouldn’t you appreciate a “moratorium” or “forgiveness” on your truck or car payments? Or on your real estate taxes, or your cable bill? How about a day or a weekend of free shopping at Market Basket, or Total Wine, or… Total Weed?

As he stuffed his holiday envelopes full of cash payoffs for his local FBI agents, Whitey Bulger used to quip, “Christmas is for cops and kids.”

And now, this year, Christmas is going to be for the Birkenstock boys too. How about this year, Christmas for everybody?

Tell Joe Biden it might even mean a… blue wave?

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