Police: Millionaire Charlie Parker donor who’s been firing nurses is accused of assaulting his wife

Meet Keith Hovan, the 59-year-old president and CEO of Southcoast Health Systems, who is scraping by on $2,382,050 a year.

Meet Keith Hovan, the 59-year-old president and CEO of Southcoast Health Systems, who is scraping by on $2,382,050 a year.

Hovan was arrested over the weekend at his posh mansion in Rochester and is now charged with assaulting his wife in a dispute over a television show.

Television? Who knew people still watched… television? Especially together? On a Saturday night?

The Hovans can’t afford to buy a second television set?

What was the name of the TV show?

Did the Hovans ever hear of streaming?

So many questions raised by the police report, not the least of which is the cryptic reference to the fact that when the arrogant multimillionaire came to the door of his mansion, according to the cops, “He was covered in a liquid that smelled of an alcoholic beverage.”

Inside the house, cops from both Rochester and Marion found more than 40 firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition. They immediately confiscated Hovan’s LTC.

This is a sad moment for all concerned, but especially for the governor, the failed RINO that Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker.”

You see, Hovan is a true acolyte of Charlie Parker. Over the years he’s given at least $3750 to the bust-out governor. And his wife, whom Hovan is now accused of striking, has chipped in another $250 to Parker.

Hovan is a Baker true believer. Of course he is! After his wife (the one who gave $250 to Baker) came up with the $240 bail, someone from Department of Children and Families (DCF) arrived.

“(DCF) spoke with Hovan and advised him not to return to his residence when he is free on bail. Hovan stated that he would stay on board his boat in Marion MA.”

I left a message at the Hovan home Thursday asking him to come on the show. I called back a second time to inquire about the name of the family yacht, and how many feet long it is.

Neither call was returned.

As for Hovan’s total dedication to Gov. Parker, that is beyond dispute, whether or not he happens at the moment to be covered in a liquid that smells of an alcoholic beverage.

In 2014, he was on the governor-elect’s “healthcare transition team.”

Over the years, according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF), Hovan has given $3750 to Parker, as well as $3500 to his very ethical lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito. He has also coughed up $1175 to Sen. Michael Rodrigues, the Senate chairman of Ways and Means who like Hovan is from The Bayou.

Rodrigues, you may recall, is the solon who once voted to impose a sales tax on top of the excise tax on alcohol. Soon thereafter Mr. Chairman was observed in the parking lot of a New Hampshire liquor store on the state border, loading up the trunk of his car with cheap Granite State booze. Parker, by the way, likes to attend Rodrigues’ annual times (sometimes held at a winery) even though Rodrigues is a Democrat.

Other beneficiaries of Hovan’s largesse include the district attorney whose office will be trying his assault case – Tom Quinn, to whom he gave $450, and state Attorney General Maura “Hold It” Healey. She grabbed $750.

According to the police report, the officer responding to the 911 calls “observed cuts with visible blood of Hovan’s right forearm. I asked Hovan how he sustained the injury and Hovan stated that during the argument (redacted) began writing in her journal and he reached out to grab the journal from her and his forearm made contact with one of (redacted’s) teeth causing the injury to his arm.”

Made contact with?

“(He) walked out with his arms in the air stating something along the lines of ‘It was me. I did it, my arm hit her in the face.’”

Don’t you hate it when your arm hits your spouse in the face?

Mrs. Hovan was found upstairs in the bathroom washing the blood off her face.

“She had messy hair while she was leaning over the sink. I noticed droplets of blood around the sink being washed down the drain. I also noticed a couple of droplets on (redacted’s) chest and some more on her blue pajama shirt. I also noticed a red mark below her right eye consistent with an impact of some kind. (Redacted) was visibly shaken, spoke in a scared tone and poor eye contact. (Redacted) stated nothing had happened; ‘it was just a stupid argument.’” I asked her about the blood….”

They’d been arguing about the TV show, she said, and then she went to begin writing in her journal, which he then “tried to grab.” They began struggling.

“At this time,” the cop wrote, “I noticed a red mark was getting more pronounced, leading me to believe this was a very recent injury.”

The 911 call was made by the 11-year-old daughter.

“(Redacted) was sitting on the floor petting her dog with the cage door open (Redacted) seemed depressed and talked in a very low and slow tone…. The Marion officer asked if her parents have argued in the past and she stated ‘yes.’”

This Hovan is the same guy who has lately been firing nurses and other health staff for not getting the jab. That’s how you absolutely know he’s big Charlie Parker fan – the glee with which he’s purging the infidels who refuse to bow.

Hovan began his insane jihad after writing a fawning letter to the local newspaper about how his employees, whom he is now firing, were “standing shoulder to shoulder in fight against coronavirus.”

He also said, “Had someone described the battle we were about to join, I would not have believed them.”

Hovan was apparently referring to the struggle against the Wuhan flu, not what happened late Saturday night when he was covered with a liquid that smelled like an alcoholic beverage.

Fortunately, Hovan’s board is behind their $2.4-million president and CEO.

“The Hovan family has the full support of the Board as they deal with this personal family matter.”

If you don’t make $2.4 million a year, it’s a crime. If you’re a millionaire, firing your nurses and smugly lecturing the hoi polloi on their ethical failings, it’s a personal family matter.

The president of the Southcoast Health board is one Lou Cabral. He’s given Charlie Parker $2050, Polito and Hold It Healey $1000 each and Rodrigues $950.

Altogether, Cabral has dished out $34,401.84 to assorted hacks, even more than Hovan, who’s paid out $19,842.50 to the hackerama.

Hovan is due back in court Nov. 24. How long do you think it’ll take to broom the case?

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.   

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