Police Blotter Fax Friday: They Went on the Lamb

Follow along our silliest segment of the week with these videos, mugshots, and other visual aids.

Road Rage Suspect Spray Paints Victim’s Face White Before Having Can Turned On Him [PHOTOS] | GREG WEHNER – Fox News

87-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Intruder, Then Feeds Him Because He Was Hungry | BILL CALLUCCIO – iHeart

Atlanta Popeyes Workers “Violently” Attacked Customer in the Drive-Thru After She Attempted to Correct Her Order | LANDON MION – Fox News

“Enjoying Their Freedom:” Flock of 91 Sheep Go on the Lam in Gardiner | BRAD ROGERS – WGME

While the instances remain rare, we love when Gutenberg enthusiasts send in stories the old fashioned way. Here’s one submission:

Maine Man Finds 3 Snakes Slithering in His Car | NATIONAL DESK – WJAR

I present to you, our winners! If one of these was your submission, you win a Go Woke, Go Broke t-shirt.

Burglar Takes Break from Robbing Home to Cozy Up with Overly Friendly Family Dog: “I Love You, Too” [VIDEO] | EMMA COLTON – The New York

Hole-in-One Leads to 75-Year-Old’s Arrest on Manslaughter Charges in The Villages [MUGSHOT] | TOBIE NELL PERKINS – First Coast News

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