Police Blotter Fax Friday: Tree Trimming and Tree… Well… [MUGSHOTS]

This week, Taylor and Howie took over Police Blotter Fax, the segment where listeners like you submit silly and stupid stories throughout the week and the crew selects the craziest!

If you missed the segment, catch it here:

Here are the runners-up:

Villager Arrested After Unwanted Trimming of Neighbor’s Trees [MUGSHOT] | Villages News

Man with 400 Pounds of Marijuana Nabbed When GPS Led Him to Canadian Border | GABE HAURARI – USA Today

Box Cutters Put in Michigan McDonald’s Happy Meals, Not Toys, Moms Say | MARY WALRATH-HOLDRIDGE – USA Today

Philadelphia Zoo Officials Say Dye May Have Killed Its Five Meerkats | MICHELLE WATSON, KELLY MURRAY – CNN

Man Gets Sued After Leaving His Blind Date and Her 23 Relatives at Restaurant [PHOTOS] | RYAN GENERAL – Next Shark

Police Apprehend Dog for Reckless Driving | STEVEN SYMES – Yahoo News

And here our winners!

Trappers Catch, Release 10-Foot Crocodile Found in Swimming Pool Near Islamorada | TAVARES JONES – WSVN Miami

Naked Creep Busted Having Passionate “Sex” with Tree in Busy UK Park [PHOTOS (UNFORTUNATELY) | NATALIE O’NEILL – The New York Post

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