Police Blotter Fax Friday: Unsolicited Foot Rubs

We wouldn’t dare leave you hanging without the visual and audible aids for Police Blotter Fax Friday. This week, we’ve got plenty of mugshots and some of the most heinous tattoos. Listen along as you click the headlines below and put some names to faces.

Florida Man Arrested After Registering Porsche 930 Turbo Stolen from Museum [PHOTO] | LUCAS BELL – Road and Track

Wanted Georgia man Arrested After Applying for Job at Arkansas Police Department | SARAH RUMPF-WHITTEN – Fox News

Cruise Gets Stuck in Wet Concrete Driving in San Francisco [PHOTO] | JOSHUA BOTE – SF Gate

Florida Man in Google Street View Car Leads Police on 100 MPH Chase [PHOTO] | MATT CHRISTY – WFLA

Las Vegas Man with Bizarre Eyeglasses Tattoo Charged with Girlfriend’s Murder [MUGSHOT] | ALYSSA GUZMAN – The New York Post

Naked Man Tells Police He Broke into Random Phoenix Home because He was Chased by Alligator [MUGSHOT] | Arizona Family

No matter how many ridiculous stories we round up week to week, we will never grow numb to the absolute absurdity found from the Redwoods to the Gulf Stream. Here are this week’s winners of Police Blotter Fax Friday:

Man who Broke into Women’s Homes and Rubbed their Feet while They Slept Arrested [MUGSHOT] | JON HAWORTH – ABC News

Florida Woman Doused Herself in Diet Mountain Dew to Erase DNA After Killing Roommate, 79 [MUGSHOT] | CHRISTINA COULTER – The New York Post

Care to try your luck at finding the funniest crime stories in the country? Send in your submissions to [email protected] to participate!

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