Police Blotter Fax Friday: Not the first drunk teacher in Oklahoma in recent months

Howie and Grace broadcast live from Tuck’s Trucks in Hudson, MA! A Friday at the Howie Carr Show would not be complete without an edition of Police Blotter Fax, where listeners like you submit the scariest, silliest, and sometimes stinkiest crime stories from across the Web. While you tune in, follow along with the mugshots and other messed-up content we’ve ever-so-courteously prepared for your viewing pleasure.

First, we have our runners-up—these stories deserve some love, but they did not score the top prize, according to blotter czar Grace Curley.

Some Disney World Attractions Close Due to Black Bear | CHARLIE MCCARTHY – Newsmax

East Longmeadow Brawl Was ‘Absolute Chaos’ With ‘Bowling Balls Flying Through Air’ | JOSH LANIER – The Daily Voice

A Chinese woman held 16 jobs for 3 years and never showed up to work, report says | MIA JANCOWICZ – Business Insider

Third-grade teacher arrested for allegedly being drunk in class on first day of school [MUGSHOT + VIDEO] | DEBBIE LORD – Kiro 7

Smiling naked man proudly strolling through Dallas-Fort Worth airport: ‘My man!’ [VIDEO] | KATHERINE DONLEVY – The New York Post

Here are the winners of the week!

Moment ‘drunk’ stripper tries seducing cop, dares him to tase her because it’s ‘kinky’ [VIDEO] | SNEJANA FARBEROV – The New York Post

Feces-covered man on ‘LSD, cocaine, and marijuana’ jumps into pit at new Buffalo Bills stadium site, officials say | RYAN GAYDOS – The New York Post

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