Police Blotter Fax Friday [MUGSHOTS & MORE]: Extra Spooky Edition

Howie slid in some of his own submissions this week. Tune in to hear the spookiest crime stories from around the country!

Man in “rocking” car was “having sex” with a stuffed animal [MUGSHOT] | YARON STEINBUCH – The New York Post

Wanted Florida man tried to throw cops off with “I don’t live here” sign [MUGSHOT] | JORGE FITZ-GIBBON – The New York Post

Florida woman arrested after painting car to look like Florida Highway Patrol car [PHOTOS] | KINSEY CROWLEY – USA Today

Freeze! Polish crook pretended to be a mannequin to get locked in mail for an all-night crime spree [VIDEO] | SNEJANA FARBEROV – The New York Post

Woman with open beer in vehicle jailed after dirty entrance at car wash [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Barbecue-crashing bear eats 10 burgers, drinks Diet Coke [VIDEO] | BEN HOOPER – UPI

Bottomless Villager involved in DUI crash learns her fate in court [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Sam the biting emotional support dog terrorizes Upper West Side apartment building [VIDEO] | MICHAEL KAPLAN – The New York Post

Howie’s Spooky Section

‘Tis the season for a little extra spookiness in our Police Blotter Fax repertoire. Howie added his favorites to the mix:

Hells Angels allegedly used ‘pizza oven’ funeral home to get rid of victims’ bodies | PATRICK REILLY – The New York Post

California serial killer says he murdered child rapist cellmate over bad hygiene | MICHAEL RUIZ – Fox News

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