Police Blotter Fax Friday: Maybe the Alligator Smelled the Do-Si-Dos [MUGSHOTS]

Grace is back with another round of Police Blotter Fax, and our most courteous desire is that you can see the lights in the eyes of these silly criminals’ mugshots.

If you’ve never heard of Police Blotter Fax Friday, you’re in luck! Every week, listeners send in the creme de la creme of crazy crime stories, and Howie Carr weighs in on the absurdity.

Villages of Parkwood Man Arrested with Twisted Tea and Bath Salts [MUGSHOT] | JOSHUA CARMONA – The Villages News

Hotel Guest Arrested After Allegedly Striking Dog with Flip Flop [MUGSHOT] | OTA ZVERINA – The Villages News

Homeowner Shoots Intruder, and He Responds, “You’re Gonna Have to Kill Me.” So Homeowner Shoots Him Again | CARLOS GARCIA – The Blaze

Sister “Karens” Have a Meltdown at Newark Airport [VIDEO] | TRICIA CRIMMINS – The Daily Dot

Texas Alligator Sets Sights on Girl Scouts Swimming in Lake [VIDEO] | GREG WEHNER – Fox News

Convicted Golf Cart Thief Wanted on Warrant Tries to Flee from Deputies [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Orangutan Launches Possum Out of Enclosure at Zoo as Horrified Visitors Scream [PHOTOS] | SNEJANA FARBEROV – The New York Post

Here are the two WINNERS this week, who receive a prize from our store.

Florida Man Arrested for Torching Car Belonging to His Cousin Who’s Also His Girlfriend [MUGSHOT] | ALLIE GRIFFIN – The New York Post

California Man Arrested for Allegedly Riding Horse While Under the Influence | JENNA AMATULLI – The Guardian

This week, Grace blessed all of us with a BONUS blotter, a Newport wedding gone horribly wrong!

Wedding Party Arraigned in Court After Brawl with Police | Newport This Week

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