Police Blotter Fax Friday: He Did WHAT with a Horse?

Tune in every Friday at 5:30 for the strangest, silliest (and sometimes sexual) stories submitted by listeners like you.

This week, Karoline Leavitt presented the best of the Police Blotter at the first live remote show of 2023 at T-Bones Great American Eatery in Salem, NH!

Here are the runners-up:

Poultry Crime Wave Continues As Man Is Busted For Chicken Battery On Brother [MUGSHOT]

  • Frozen foods and a fiery fight lead to battery charges between brothers!

Popeyes Didn’t Have Their Item, so They Threw Food and Vandalized the Restaurant, Worcester Police Say

  • More fowl play, this time hitting closer to home. Funny enough, the Worcester Police never specified which item the establishment was missing. If I can’t douse my chicken strips in copious honey mustard, I’m pretty grumpy, too!

Quincy Man Arrested for “Sexual Contact with a Horse” [MUGSHOT]

  • Beware, beware, beware the neigh-kid man!

Fleeing Shoplifter, 46, is Snared by Police after Ducking into a Barbers “for a Haircut”—Despite Being Completely Bald

  • A follicle-challenged fellow might have selected the wrong establishment as his alibi.

Driver Leaves Single Shoe Behind at Walmart After Fleeing Hit-and-Run Crash [MUGSHOT]

  • One unlucky Florida man had his Cinderella moment in the Villages!

Dentist Who Advertises “Light Touch” Arrested in Brutal Attack with Golf Club [MUGSHOT]

  • If you assault someone with a putter, that counts as “light touch,” right?

Drumroll, please! Here is the winner of the week:

2 Women Charged with Theft of Bath and Body Works Candles at Houston Premium Outlet Mall [MUGSHOTS]

  • Look, we’re too many Democrat economic policies beyond the old 2-for-$20 deal. Can you blame these ladies for wanting to smell as good as everyone did before the Obama years?

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