Police Blotter Fax Friday: A Cat Burglar and a Cartridge in the Cajones

While you catch the latest episode of Police Blotter Fax, follow along with visual aids including mugshots, on-the-scene photos, and videos, too.

First, we must give proper attention to our runners-up. While these stories did not bring home the bacon, they certainly gave us a chuckle.

2 Queens Deli Workers Indicted for Allegedly Choking, Pummeling Drunk Customer Who Complained About Food | ALYSSA GUZMAN – The New York Post

  • Note to self: Your food is the optimal temperature. It’s seasoned to perfection. That’s not a rubber band…

Three Teens Accused of Murder After Egging Incident Goes Haywire: Police [MUGSHOTS] | ANDREA VACCHIANO – The New York Post

  • Teenagers, am I right?

Cat Stolen by Pizza Delivery Driver, Adams County Family Claims [VIDEO] | ROGELIO MARES – Fox 31

  • A true cat burglar has been born.

Florida Man Throws BBQ Grill at Deputies, Strikes Cars with Tire Iron in Road Rage Fit [PHOTOS] – DANI MEDINA – Fox 35

  • So who, in this scenario, got grilled?

Delaware Man Bites Police Dog “Multiple Times” While Evading Arrest [MUGSHOT] | KATHERINE DONLEVY – The New York Post

I present to you, oh most attentive listener, the winners of today, the fourteenth day of the seventh month of the Year of our Lord 2023:

Coffee County Man Arrested for Allegedly Giving Alcohol to a Woman’s Puppy [MUGSHOT] | Daily Coffee Press

Busted Man Hid Bullet Behind His Balls [MUGSHOT] | The Smoking Gun

If you’d like to be part of the fun, scour the Internet or your local news for the craziest crime stories. Then, send the crème de la crème to [email protected]!

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