Police Blotter Fax Friday: How many bald eagles?!

Welcome back to another week of Police Blotter Fax, the fan-favorite segment where Howie and his executive producer Taylor share the silliest scams, the craziest crime, and any story that involves an alligator. Listen as you peruse mugshots and video to our exclusive podcast commentary:

Homeless Man Hijacks Bus With BB Gun, Causes Crash At Ritz Carlton Hotel | BILL GALLUCCIO – WKCY News Radio

Naked Woman Detained For Lighting Church On Fire Lights Police Car On Fire [MUGSHOT] | FIONA MCLAUGHLIN – The Daily Caller

Video shows man urinating, setting fire inside Florida City car wash | RYAN MACKEY – Local 10

Armed suspects demand cat during East Haven home invasion | ROB POLANSKY – Eyewitness News 3

Duo Busted For Sex In Front Of Popeyes [MUGSHOTS] | The Smoking Gun

Woman Drives Into Pacific Ocean While Fleeing Cops in High-Speed Chase | DAN LADDEN-HALL – The Daily Beast

Man admits to ‘killing spree’ of bald eagles to sell their feathers | BEN BRASCH – The Washington Post

Authorities seize ailing alligator kept illegally in New York home’s swimming pool [PHOTOS] | Associated Press

Trio nabbed after pumping $2,300 worth of fuel into trucks with stolen credit card [MUGSHOTS] | The Villages News

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