Police Blotter Fax Friday: He Won’t Be Giving Her Any More Lip! [MUGSHOTS]

In case you missed this week’s Police Blotter Fax, check out the episode here:

Here are the runners-up, submitted by listeners like you!

She Was at Dollar General in Just a Towel — and Then It Came Off, Florida Police Say | MADELEINE MARR – The Miami Herald

  • It’s 2023, ladies and gents, so Police Blotter Fax stories can indeed feature naked WOMEN, too!

Furry Surprise Greets Officers when They Search Backpack for Drugs, Florida Cops Say | MADELEINE LIST – The Charlotte Observer

  • No charges were pressed in regards to the raccoon. The meth, on the other hand…

Stranded Horse Rescued from Backyard Pool with Help of Tractor and Harness | DAVID PROPPER – The New York Post

  • Have you ever seen a horsefly?

Woman Steals Man’s Gun and Fanny Pack Out of His Back Bay Indoor-Cycling Locker, but Doesn’t Get Far, Police Say | Universal Hub

  • You’re probably be asking why the man had a gun with him. We’re asking why any man had a fanny pack with him. We are not the same.

Sex Toy Thief Caught Pink-Handed [MUGSHOT] | The Smoking Gun

  • The alibi is… quite something. Not Penn-State-Professor level, but… something.

Naked Man Trapped in Burning NYC Building Plucked from Ledge: FDNY | STEVEN VAGO – The New York Post

  • It was an intimate descent. They BARE-ly escaped!

If you thought those were good, just wait until you check out this week’s winners

Douglas Woman Indicted After Allegedly Biting a Man’s Lip Off Following Dispute Over a To-Go Order [MUGSHOT] | ZARAYANTA WHITFIELD – Newsbreak

  • After this heated dispute, we can be sure of one thing. He won’t be giving her lip any longer!

Gas Station Clerk Tells Friend to Rob Store so He Can Leave Early [MUGSHOTS] | Fox 4

  • Maybe you’ve stayed up watching the local news to see that coveted Snow Day notification. Maybe you’ve hoped a storm might take down the power line for a day. But have you ever convinced a pal to commit a crime so you could take a slide? Brilliant.

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