Police Blotter Fax Friday: Fluffy the Alligator Found

Read along while you listen to this week’s installment of Police Blotter Fax. Check out the mugshots and videos as you go!

Dancing Suspect with Drugs Arrested After Gas Station Clerk Calls 911 [MUGSHOT] | The Villages News

Dunkin’ Duo Targeted In Bagel Toss | The Smoking Gun

  • I haven’t been too pleased with the quality of Dunkin’ bagels lately, but I don’t condone this level of wrath.

Man Behind Bars After Alleged Late-Night Rice Assault [MUGSHOT] | The Smoking Gun

  • Is each grain considered its own flying projectile?

Naked Intruder Won’t Stop Terrorizing LA Apartment Building, Residents Say [PHOTO] | YARON STEINBUCH – The New York Post

Alligator Named “Fluffy” Discovered in PA Creek | EMILYANN JACKMAN Penn Live

  • One texter noted that Fluffy was probably a rescue gator.

Can’t Bear the Heat: Bear Filmed Chilling Out in California Hot Tub | JESSE O’NEILL – The New York Post

Drumroll, please! Here are our esteemed winners, the creme de la creme of this week’s Police Blotter Fax:

Woman Threatens to Blow Up Home Over July 4th Decorations [PHOTOS] | DYLAN BROWN – KFOR News

Woman in Blackface Terrorizes Target Worker and Demands to Know Where Its Pride Section Is—Before Going on a Rant in Nearby Starbucks Where She Complained about Being Fired from Her Post Office Job [PHOTOS] | KAMAL SULTAN –The Daily Mail

  • The Daily Mail is notorious for long-winded headlines, but this one was entirely necessary. What a strange half-hour for this lady.

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