Police Blotter Fax Friday: Fast Food Frenzies & Peacock Vasectomies [MUGSHOTS]

It’s too bad these creeps and criminals had to smile for the camera the same week everyone’s favorite president turned himself in. As promised, we provide you with the visual and audio aids that will make you Police Blotter experience better than ever!

The next few stories did not win this week, but they were too funny NOT to mention.

Florida brawl erupts at chicken wing restaurant after women intentionally clog toilet [5 MUGSHOTS] | LOUIS CASIANO – The New York Post

Florida mom intentionally crashes into another mom’s car while dropping child off at school, deputies say [MUGSHOT] | DANI MEDINA – Fox 35 Orlando

Florida woman arrested for poisoning after allegedly spiking man’s drinks with ‘Raid’ roach spray [MUGSHOT] | Channel 7 News Miami

Miami suburb turns to vasectomies to solve its peacock problem | LAURA BAISAS – Popular Science

Coweta County man accused of stealing neighbor’s porch [MUGSHOT] | DOUG EVANS – Fox 5 Atlanta

Unhinged United Airlines pilot attacks parking gate with ax: ‘Just hit his breaking point’ [VIDEO] | YARON STEINBUCH – The New York Post

Wild monkey spotted running rampant through neighborhoods as police warn to stay away | JON HAWORTH – ABC News

And now…we present…our winners! Great job to all of our listeners who contributed to this week’s episode.

California Barnes & Noble ‘sniffer’ arrested again, failed to register as sex offender [MUGSHOT] | MICHAEL RUIZ – Fox News

Man charged with DUI in children’s Power Wheels Jeep [MUGSHOT] | YARON STEINBUCH – The New York Post

‘Til next time!

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