Police Blotter Fax Friday: Slingshots and Scorpions – 3.8.24

Listen to the show while you peruse these headlines:

Pooch runs through busy traffic to get help at her doggy daycare after owner’s car crashes – NYPOST, Melissa Koenig

Bizarre video shows Georgia police rescuing driver who crashed on top of covered pool – Fox News, Greg Norman

‘The Line Of Doody’: Police Catch Burglary Suspect On Toilet In Wild Video – WJNO, Zuri Anderson

Florida man arrested after making bomb threat against himself: police – News Channel 8, Rachel Tucker

Residents cry fowl after Canadian hunter kills terrorizing turkey with slingshot – NYPOST, Yaron Steinbuch

Japanese school principal fired, loses $133K pension after getting caught stealing less than 50 cents worth of coffee – News.com.au

Man says he was stung on testicles by scorpion while sleeping at Las Vegas resort – Joshua Peguero

Cops: Women propped up dead man, then withdrew his cash – The Smoking Gun

Escaped police horses make getaway down longest highway in the US – The Guardian, Maya Yang

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