Play Parker’s Greatest Hits with the Baker JukeBox!

“Along Comes Charlie Parker”

Basketball Jones”

If you didn’t know Governor Baker was a basketball player before the pandemic hit…well, you do now.


Charlie Parker doesn’t know a lot about this virus, but he knows one thing–the virus will NOT be taking the summer off.

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Governor Parker is pro-Sunshine. He isn’t afraid to take the hard stances.


Governor Parker is here to lecture us on everything from handwashing to mask-wearing to party-going. Take a listen.

Play with purpose! Did you know Baker is a basketball player?

“Old Man”

Neil Young wrote his famous song about Charlie Parker.

Charlie knows he sounds like an old fart…but that isn’t going to stop him from yelling at you!

Taking Care of Business

Do your jobs. Do your part. Wash your hands. Wear your mask. TCOB!

Do your jobs! Interesting way of putting it considering Massachusetts is #1 in unemployment.

Did you know we won’t be getting back to normal here in Mass. We will be getting back to the “new normal.”

Parker again discusses the new normal.

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

According to Parker, sometimes large gatherings are BAD. Other times, they are your First Amendment right. Check out the evolving paradigm that is large gatherings.

Baker Bloopers

Raft (Take 2)

BONUS TRACK It’s My Party!”

Lt. Gov. Polito took a brief break from telling all of us not to socialize — so that she could attend a party.

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