Petition drive hits the gas over licenses for illegal immigrants

Are you angry about what’s happening in America but don’t want to have to wait until election day Nov. 8 to register your protest?

Are you angry about what’s happening in America but don’t want to have to wait until election day Nov. 8 to register your protest?

Well, you can do something right now, in Massachusetts. You can make your voice heard with your signature, on a petition to put a referendum question on the statewide November ballot to stop illegal immigrants from being issued Massachusetts drivers’ licenses.

Right now, this is the most effective way to send them — and you know who “they” are — a message.

And the message is, stop wrecking this country.

Right now, across the Commonwealth, mostly Republican volunteers are collecting signatures to put the question of repealing the Legislature’s latest handout to illegals up to the actual taxpaying citizens of the state.

The organizers need to turn in just under 41,000 certified signatures from registered voters by Aug. 24. That’s not much time, but it can be done. This question is easy to understand — why should people who don’t belong here, who don’t obey the law, any law, be rewarded with yet more handouts and free rides?

On Wednesday, you could have signed the petitions at the Market Basket in Hanover. Rayla Campbell, the GOP candidate for secretary of state, got 150 signatures.

Rayla will be out again tonight at the Stop & Shop in Weymouth next to Walmart from 4 to 8. And GOP state committeewoman Evelyn Curley will be collecting at the Market Basket in Tewksbury from 5 to 7.

There will be more and more locations where you can sign in the upcoming weeks. Check the daily listings online at That’s also where you can sign up to collect signatures, donate money or print out your own petitions to pass around.

On Wednesday night, state GOP chairman Jim Lyons was in Ludlow. One of the people who listened to his pitch, he says, was a naturalized citizen originally from Portugal.

“She was so energized she went next door to this place called the Mill Tavern and got everybody inside to sign the petitions.”

I know what you’re saying — it’s Massachusetts Republicans. How much can they really get done?

That’s a good question, but at least some Democrats seem to be taking the drive at least somewhat seriously.

Last Saturday, on the first full day of gathering signatures, a lunatic leftist state senator, Jamie Eldridge of Acton, drove to Cabela’s in Hudson to discuss, shall we say, the issue with local deplorables queuing up to sign.

The argument being pushed by advocates of the More Giveaways to Foreign Criminals movement can be summed up by somebody who tweeted at me:

“Do you realize that if they had a license they’d also have an easier way to track them? It’s also likely they’d purchase things like vehicle insurance since they would have a valid ID and be rejected from voting in elections if they cross-referenced votes with the new data?”

Was this moonbat serious? Why would they buy car insurance? They don’t need no stinkin’ car insurance. That’s only for gringos. As for stopping the undocumented Democrats from voting — just such an amendment was proposed by Republicans in the Legislature. It was instantly voted down.

This law was rammed through the same Legislature that refuses to suspend the 23-cent-a-gallon state gas tax. In other words, they want to help out foreigners who are living mostly, in one way or another, on welfare, while refusing to grant even the slightest relief to Americans who actually work for a living and pay the taxes that pay for all the free stuff that these surly, ungrateful illegals are grabbing.

George W. Bush used to say that the illegals were only doing the jobs Americans can’t be bothered doing. But nobody buys that old gag anymore.

You want some illegal immigrants in the news? How about the pair of “foreign nationals” arrested in Richmond, Va., this week? According to the Richmond PD, those two illegals were planning a mass shooting at the city’s Independence Day festival.

The police chief was quoted as saying: “I’m like any other citizen in that I’m just outraged at this. I may be the police chief, but I’m also a citizen.”

Key word: citizen. As W might say, They’re only here to commit the terrorist attacks Americans can’t be bothered committing.

This story isn’t getting a lot of play in state-run media, needless to say. It doesn’t fit the narrative. Once the FBI gets involved, this story will vanish faster than Ray Epps, or the guy with the cellphone who planted the pipe bombs at the DNC and the RNC on Jan. 5.

It’s going to take a lot longer to climb out of this hole than it took Dementia Joe Biden to get us into it. But this is at least a small step back from the abyss that it is the Democrats’ dream, our nightmare.

Both weekend days, you can sign at the Market Basket in Tewksbury from 10 to 3, or at Cabela’s in Hudson from 11 to 4. (No word on whether Sen. Eldridge plans an appearance this weekend.)

On Saturday, go to the South Shore Plaza, near the entrance to Sears, from 9 to 5, or the Dudley Shopping Plaza from 9 to 12.

On Sunday, the petitions can be signed at “my” Market Basket, in Waltham, from 2 to 4 p.m.

And a week from today, I’ll be at the 110 Grill in Plymouth. Everyone who signs his John Hancock to the petitions will receive a Joe Biden “I DID THAT!” sticker.

You can affix it to a gas pump, or on an empty baby-formula shelf at your local supermarket, or on a cut of prime meat you can no longer afford.

And when this proposal to continue denying illegals drivers’ licenses makes it to the statewide ballot, you can give yourself a pat on the back and say, “I DID THAT!”

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