Petition calls for a return to sanity

If you want to express your resistance to this latest giveaway, this weekend you might take a moment to sign the petition to put the question onto the Nov. 8 ballot.

Here’s the last thing local Democrats want you to see on your statewide ballot in November:

A referendum question letting the state’s taxpayers decide whether hundreds of thousands of lawless, non-working, non-English-speaking illegal immigrants should be allowed to have driver’s licenses.

Everyone knows how many things you can do — and how much free stuff you can get — with a driver’s license. That’s why you had to have one as soon as you turned sweet 16.

Most of the illegal immigrants are already grabbing at least one if not more handouts from working people. Do you want to give these criminals yet another freebie that they can use to leverage even more handouts?

Hell no, you don’t. That’s why the Democrats in the Legislature rammed it through against the will of their constituents who actually work for a living.

If you want to express your resistance to this latest giveaway, this weekend you might take a moment to sign the petition to put the question onto the Nov. 8 ballot.

The working people must get at least 40,000 certified signatures by Aug. 24 to put the referendum question onto the ballot.

There are locations all over the state where you can sign. To find a place nearby where you can sign, go to

When you’re out shopping this weekend, look for card tables with signs in front:

“VOTE NO. NO Licenses For Illegal Immigrants.”

That’s where you can sign the petitions. Every signature matters, everyone is needed. The volunteer at the table will make sure you get the right petition — for your city or town. If you’re a registered voter, you can sign.

A retired cop I know in the campaign texted me a photo last weekend of a guy wearing a mask signing in Salem. That’s a good sign. If true believers in the Cult of COVID are willing to affix their John Hancocks to a germ-infested petition, we may have a shot at this.

Here’s an even better indication of how the drive is going: the deranged trust-funded blow-in leftists are reacting the way Democrats always do when they don’t get their way — with violence.

The physical assaults on the volunteers have been sporadic, so far. Many of the locations are manned — or is it, personed? — by more than one volunteer, and Democrats prefer to do their dirty work in mobs.

After all, four-on-one is Democrat fun. That’s the way it’s always been, all the way back to the Democrat Party’s original fraternal organization — the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Another ex-cop I know was attacked last week outside the Market Basket in Reading by a Biden voter in his early 40s. This loafer was apparently very angry, as if he’d been ordered to vacate his mom’s basement, or maybe told he’d have to start making payments on his student loans again.

“This guy called me a fascist,” the ex-cop told me. “Then he screamed at me, ‘Why don’t you like brown people?’”

Apparently this Bernie bro assumed that all “brown people,” whatever that means, are all illegal immigrants. But then, the first lady did call Hispanics “breakfast tacos” last week. And a blogger in the employ of a Democrat congressman just this week described the first Mexican-born female House member (a Republican) as “Miss Frijoles.”

Racism — it’s just Democrats being Democrats.

The Democrat thug grabbed one of the petitions and tore it in half, pushed the ex-cop up against a wall and then ran away. My friend was carrying the equalizer, but he decided not to give chase. Good call.

By the way, my friend is 62 years old. This means he’s a member of a protected class, the elderly. I told him the woke pajama boy had committed a hate crime. He chuckled.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls, although we all know that if a Beautiful Person seeking signatures on a petition endorsing partial-birth abortions had been assaulted, a nationwide manhunt would have been underway within hours.

This senseless street crime occurred in the legislative district of House Minority Leader Brad Jones, a RINO’s RINO.

I asked the state GOP chairman, Jim Lyons, if “the Leader” has been out gathering signatures, like my friend the ex-cop.

“I called and left Brad a message asking him to help us out,” Lyons said. “When the phone didn’t ring, I knew it was Brad Jones.”

Typical. Brad Jones and the governor, Charlie Baker, are thisclose. Another no-show, according to Lyons, is Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr.

Some of the legislators are working hard — Sen. Ryan Fattman has practically been living outside the Walmart in Northbridge. Reps who are doing the right thing include Nick Boldyga, Dave DeCoste and Marc Lombardo.

Like the president, the ex-cop has now been stricken with the virus, but I predict he’ll be back at his table long before Rep. Jones or Sen. Tarr or Gov. Baker.

“It’s amazing to see the reaction,” he said. “At that Market Basket, you expect to get signatures from shoppers from Reading and Wakefield. But you should see the soccer moms from Lynnfield in their SUV’s — once they see the sign, they come right over. You don’t have to explain everything. They know what this is all about.”

The campaign organization can always use more volunteers, and locations, especially on the weekdays, from 5 to 7, after working hours, because we work, even if they don’t. If you can help out, go to the website, or just send an email to [email protected].

“If you can’t get to a location,” Lyons said, “we can get you some petitions, which you can sign and then take them around your neighborhood.”

Do the right thing. Send them a message, and you know who “they” are.

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