Paying the price for the blind privilege of Dems

In a slobbering puff piece, the Harvard magazine called her “A Scholar’s Scholar.”

“Blinded by privilege.”

That sums up the attitude of most of the Beautiful People embroiled in the recent deluge of scandals involving entitled Democrats, members of assorted protected classes who feel they can never be held accountable for anything they do.

“Blinded by privilege.”

I came across the phrase last week when I was reading up on an earlier anti-Semite who preceded “Dr.” Claudine Gray as president of Harvard University – A. Lawrence Lowell.

Like Gay, the Boston blue-blood Lowell presided over a virulently racist admissions policy, the only difference being that Lowell’s apartheid regime was never struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, as Gay’s was earlier this year.

In 1916, Lowell of course objected to the appointment of Louis Brandeis, a Jew, to the Supreme Court. In a private letter after his confirmation, Brandeis wrote a friend that he thought Lowell wasn’t so much an anti-Semite as that he was “blinded by privilege… (someone) whose environment or innate narrowness have obscured all vision and sympathy with the masses.”

That seems about right.

None of these people – Claudine Gay, Michelle Wu, Hunter Biden, fired Senate aide Aidan Maese-Czeropski and a host of others – has the slightest embarrassment about what they’ve done.

Not only do they feel entitled to do whatever the hell they please – the law or ethics or common decency be damned – but they also figure that absolutely nothing is going to happen to them.

And you know? They’re right, at least so far.

When they’re caught running a racist gig, or plagiarizing, or producing amateur, they all say the same thing. They’re guilty of nothing, in fact they’re the vicytims, of  is nothing but Republicans seizing, pouncing and weaponizing nothing stories for political advantage.

Look at Claudine Gay, who at a Congressional hearing pooh-poohed the savage anti-Semitism of the more diverse elements of the Harvard student body.

Turns out she has another problem – plagiarism. In a slobbering puff piece, the Harvard magazine called her “A Scholar’s Scholar.”

Surely they meant to say, “A Plagiarist’s Plagiarist.”

One of those scholars she’s accused of lifting material from is another black woman named Carol M. Swain, from Princeton University.

Swain describes Gay as being from “a world where the privilege of diversity is king… Harvard can’t condemn Ms. Gay because she is the product of an elite system that holds minorities of high pedigree to a lower standard.”

A lower standard, I might add, than those that “the masses” are held to.

As if we needed any more evidence of just how low the standards for “Dr.” Gay are, consider how long it took for the Boston Globe to even address the… issue.

Yesterday, in an editorial, the paper mentioned how the Harvard Corporation said there were “instances of research misconduct” in her abysmal scholarship, but that no “standards” had been violated. But she would be posting a few… corrections.

But after questioning why such, uh, clarifications were necessary if there was no misconduct, the Globe made its priorities clear. Protect the privileged! Above all else, comfort the comfortable.

“As far as this editorial board is concerned, Gay should remain president either way, as long as she has the board and the school community’s confidence.”

And she will of course, because… diversity. Diversity uber alles. The swells put her into the job knowing that she was unqualified, so how can they fire her for being… unqualified?

Of course, not everyone can expect the same level of solicitude when it comes to problems of scholarly papers.

Consider Marc Tessier-Lavigne, the former president of Stanford University. He was a real scholar, but he had a few problems with his research, and he recently got the boot. But then, he didn’t have the same… intangibles as Dr. Gay.

Being a white male means you’re in “the masses.” But some white people do get treated with the same kind of kid gloves as Gay and Wu. Am I right, Hunter Biden?

Even if you’re not in a protected class – not “blinded by privilege” — you can take certain steps to protect yourself. During the original trial about Harvard’s apartheid admissions system, the school produced an Asian of rather mediocre credentials, who had been accepted into the school, to show that the Poison Ivy League was on the level.

Turned out, on cross-examination, that the kid claimed he was “uncertain” about his sexuality. Well, there you go! That’s why he got in, he figured out the code. Why do you suppose close to 40 percent of Brown University undergrads recently claimed to be LGBTQ+?

I’ll tell you why. Because they can’t claim to be Native Americans anymore. Elizabeth Warren and Buffy St. Marie have ruined that grift for everybody else.

One thing a white guy can do – hyphenate his last name. Okay, it didn’t do Marc Tessier-Lavigne much good, but then, those hyphenated last names are thick on the ground in Palo Alto.

That Senate aide who videotaped himself being buggered in a Congressional room is named Aidan Maese-Czeropski. He’s from Palo Alto, and he’s being oppressed because of “the man I love.”

Oscar Wilde used to write about the love that dared not speak its name. Now it won’t shut up.

Here’s another white guy from Palo Alto with a hyphenated last name who now claims he’s been framed been – Samuel Bankman-Fried.

One thing about all these smug below-average pukes who are blinded by privilege. They’re all Democrats, 100 percent of them. One of George W. Bush’s political opponents in Texas used to describe him as being “born on third base and he thinks he hit a triple.”

Bush was a Republican, but born-on-third-base describes everybody in this column. They all proudly claim victimhood, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

In Boston, candidates used to mention their working-class roots. Now they brag about their non-working class roots. Their mom was on welfare. Their mom was on welfare – and she was an illegal alien! Pols used to talk about hardscrabble jobs they’d had, scrubbing floors, shaping up at dawn for jobs on the dock, etc.

Now they’re all community organizers, or advocates, or governmental liaisons. How many people on the Boston City Council have ever had a job – a real job, that is?

If I ever get jammed up, I ask for no special treatment.

Just treat me like Claudine Gay, or Michelle Wu, or Hunter Biden. Like everyone else in the masses, I dream of someday being blinded by privilege.

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