Parade punks should retreat to their trust-fund worlds

Top 10 antifa gripes:

10. Wi-Fi access in BPD paddy wagons — very spotty.

9. Dry cleaner again disregarded instructions not to put @#$%&* starch on very cool official antifa-approved black mask!

8. Ayanna Pressley GoFundMe page doesn’t offer gift cards to NETA weed store in Brookline Village.

7. No CVS ExtraBucks discounts for pink, green, and purple hair dyes.

6. Amazon still not including seat-belt extenders with barrel shields for plus-size antifa comrades.

5. Grounded by Mom for making a mess in bathroom while filling urine bottle.

4. Vegan menu not yet available for service animals at South Bay House of Correction.

3. Forgot to recharge Mom’s Tesla and The Ride was too booked to provide transportation to the AmeriKKKA sucKKKs rally.

2. Grindr app won’t work at Nashua Street Jail.

1. Missed goatee-trim appointment because Judge Sinnott wouldn’t broom case.

You know, I can’t decide whether I want the spoiled brats to stage another temper tantrum or whatever you call an antifa shindig this weekend in Boston or not.

On one hand, the invasion of the couch potatoes really ties up traffic. On the other hand, the social media video is priceless — I can’t get enough of the BPD motorcycles with their sirens turned up, and the squirrelly hippie with the green hair first covering his ears and then running off.

“Make him stop, Mommy! Make the bad policeman stop hurting my ears!”

One of the social media captions on the videos says, “BPD trolls antifa.” OK, sure, but what do the non-working classes expect when they throw bottles of urine at the cops? Is that … trolling?

There’s an old saying: “Never let your mouth write a check your rear-end can’t cash.”

Only the word isn’t “rear-end.” And in this case, you can substitute “urine bottle” for “mouth.”

And then these trust-funders complain outside the courtroom that they got “pushed” by the cops. Only if you started it, Mr. Man Bun. Five-on-one is antifa fun. Mayor Marty Walsh should be embarrassed by his weasel words over the weekend not defending the cops.

Hizzoner should be a lot more concerned about the Zoning Board of Appeal than the police department. This guy who’s been charged with taking a $50,000 payoff — he’s 66 and he’s been a hack since Kevin White was mayor. Marty, do you really think this was the first time this bum ever did … well, you know?

As the old bumper sticker used to say, Marty: Support Your Local Police.

Even City Councilor Michelle Wu, the Globe’s favored candidate for mayor — She’s not white! She’s not from Boston! She’s not even from Massachusetts! She went to Harvard! — had to finally admit after a while that the cops hadn’t done anything wrong.

It’s worth pointing out that the two judges who decided not to look the other way here were Richard Sinnott and Thomas Horgan, both of whom actually live in the city of Boston. They have a little more skin in the game than, say, Nancy Gertner of Brookline, the retired federal judge who was appointed to the bench after a nationwide search — she went to Yale Law School with Hillary Clinton.

This judicial schizophrenia is a recurring theme in modern America. The further removed a judge is from the actual chaos, crime and turmoil his or her decisions produce, the more woke they tend to be.

Besides Gertner, think Shelley Joseph, the pablum-puking district court judge who allegedly cut the illegal immigrant career criminal loose out of the Newton District Court. Another Brookline Bolshevik.

What did Judge Joseph care? She was a member of the Democrat State Committee, and now resides in South Natick. She doesn’t have to worry about a drive-by, or home invasion, or a drunken illegal immigrant barreling through a crosswalk. She also doesn’t have to worry about her legal bills – we were picking up the six-figure tab until her official indictment.

So now the district attorney, Rachael Rollins, announces that she will be prosecuting at least eight of the 35 tattooed mama’s boy losers who are antifa. I’m sure it’s breaking her heart — she still hasn’t come on my radio show this week, and won’t be on tonight either.

Now that some of them may actually have to take a day off from their womyn’s studies classes at Bay State CC to stand trial, I’m not sure the antifa children will decide to throw another temper tantrum tomorrow. But if you’re walking around City Hall Plaza and you hear the plaintive cry, “Dude, where’s my kombucha?” you’ll know it’s on.

Especially if you spot someone with green hair. Who needs a bath.

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