Returning SNAP to Pre-Panic Levels Means People Need to Go Back to Work, not Armageddon

Every time one of these bloated fraud-ridden Panic-era welfare scams reaches its long-overdue demise, the reaction of state-run media is invariably the same.


This month the food-stamp flim-flam is almost over, and can you guess the headline that every organ of the Democrat media is running.


What’s happening is that food stamps – now known as SNAP, for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – are going to be restored to their pre-Panic 2020 levels. The SNAP scam is already over in 18 states, yet somehow life goes on.

But apparently mass starvation looms in the 32 mostly-Democrat welfare utopias that haven’t put an end to the boondoggle.

Here are some typical over-the-top headlines:

CBS “News”: ‘Hunger cliff’ looms as 32 states set to slash food-stamp benefits. Orange County’s impending ‘food cliff.’

Boston Herald: Massachusetts facing ‘hunger cliff’ as SNAP supplement ends, advocates say.

Washington Post: Republicans take aim at food stamps.

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Food pantries brace for influx of need as extra SNAP benefits end.

National Panhandler Radio in PA: ‘It’s going to be a hardship’: Millions will lose emergency food stamp payments next month.

The Guardian (UK): ‘Horrible timing:’ pandemic food relief ends as inflation sends families scrambling.

This is just the first salvo of apocalyptic accounts – stand by a real barrage over the next two weeks. But I already notice that the one thing none of these alleged food-stamp victims seems to be “scrambling” to find is a job.

Since the trillions in extra welfare funny money started about three years ago, between 3 and 4 million people have disappeared from the US work force.

The cities are now overflowing with loafers who have become like the Biblical lilies of the field – “they neither toil nor spin.”

How do all these millions of goldbricks survive, not working, not even looking for jobs anymore?

Everybody knows the answer to that question. They’ve been scamming all these welfare programs that Congress injected with monetary steroids.

For years, the Democrat deadbeats pocketed extra “child care” benefits for their illegitimate spawn. They didn’t have to pay rent. Their “unemployment” checks went through the roof. They could set up phony-baloney businesses and nobody from the bunco squad checked to see if they were on the level.

Suddenly, every storefront in America had a “Help Wanted” sign, because millions just plain stopped working in 2020 and started working their state-sanctioned cons.

Suddenly, it was no longer enough to merely slurp at the trough. It was okay for every no-account Democrat in America to lick the plate. The national motto became “Scams ‘R’ Us.”

Now, whenever one of these multi-billion-dollar scams is wound down, the so-called “advocates” predict Armageddon. And their stenographers – reporters who spent two years ginning up an epidemic that wasn’t – are all too eager to help whip up the hysteria once more.

Hey, it beats going out on the street and doing some real reporting.

Remember the end of the so-called rent moratorium? That was in July 2021. It was the lead story in this newspaper, because there was going to be, wait for it, “an unprecedented wave of homelessness.”

Because deadbeats were going to have to, you know, pay their rent after an 18-month vacation during which they could use their new disposable income for more important things like tattoos and fentanyl.

Boston was going to be “slammed” by all the Democrats being thrown onto the street, and “the floodgates are going to open.”

A week later, the Democrat-run Associated Press upped the ante even further, calling the return of rent payments “a move that could lead to millions being forced from their homes just as the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus is rapidly spreading.”

Millions! But give that Democrat stenographer credit – he worked the non-existent Panic into his overheated copy.

When Trump was president, you could just let ‘er rip. You could thunder, as Chuck Schumer used to, that the GOP was “driving the vulnerable into hunger… It is heartless, it is cruel.”

Every world-is-coming-to-an-end story must include victims. They must be struggling, worried about their lifeline, putting food on the table, fretting over harsh work requirements, as advocates are strained to the breaking point by debilitating cuts coming at the worst possible time etc. etc.

Naturally the victim-in-the-street brings up inflation, but this plays havoc with the Democrat narrative because you-know-who is president. For instance, the Guardian’s designated victim from Battle Creek, Michigan recalled how “before the pandemic” her monthly supermarket trip was $300 but now “costs her $500.”

But a card-carrying press apparatchik would never dare mention who the president was before the Red Chinese flu. Consider the conundrum of the comrade from the Washington Post, lamenting the cruel cut-off of free Doritos to freeloaders who “find themselves scrounging in the face of high bills.”

High bills? Surely some mistake here, because the Post’s Dear Leader, Joe Biden, has been simultaneously assuring the Post’s low- and no-info readers that he has Whipped Inflation Now.

Here are a selection of Biden quotes running in the same publications where local welfare queens have been denouncing out-of-control inflation.

“Last month we saw the smallest increase in food prices in almost two years…. For the sixth month in a row inflation has come down… it’s coming down in America month after month, giving families some real breathing room….”

Which is it? It can’t be both, no matter what the fellow travelers in state-run media tell you.

It’s like Biden saying the Panic is over, but he couldn’t end the official “emergency” because then all the community college dropouts who haven’t had to pay down the debts they ran up during their daze in the queer-studies program might suddenly have to choose between paying off their loans and that new neck tattoo they’ve been dreaming of.

Think of this current rash of food-stamp apocalyptic predictions as the warm-up for the impending torrent of sob stories in a month or so about student loans.

As for all your crack scribes typing from home on this month’s panic, just remember that if you call it a “hunger cliff” in the lead, it must be referred to as a “food cliff” in the second paragraph.


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