Pandemic-era cheaters always finish first

Your sainted mother used to tell you, “Cheaters never prosper.” But Ma was wrong.

Your sainted mother used to tell you, “Cheaters never prosper.”

But Ma was wrong.

And what’s happening in this latest round of government-sponsored hysteria over the Wuhan flu is once again proving just how off-base Mom’s once-sage counsel has become.

All the straight arrows are getting punished, or losing their jobs, and every cheater who in the old days wasn’t supposed to be cashing in on bad behavior is.

Take the Massachusetts state police. They all have to get the jab within the next two weeks or they’re out. Their union appealed to the courts but one of Charlie Parker’s judges told them to pound sand.

For state judges making $184,000-plus a year, these are the good old days. Most of them have hardly worked since March 2020, and they’re desperate to keep this good-time grift of Charlie Parker and Dementia Joe Biden going, hopefully forever.

So what if a lot of the people who’ve actually been pulling their weight through this panic now have to lose their jobs? It’s a small enough price to pay to keep the hackerama’s endless vacation going.

I was thinking about this last week when yet another trooper was indicted. His name is Paul Conneely, and he is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, to wit a shod foot. He allegedly kicked a motorist with his government boot after a traffic stop of an allegedly stolen car back in February 2019.

The motorist was lying on his stomach, on the ground, with his hands behind his back, when Conneely alleged decided to practice his field-goal kicking on him.

Unfortunately for Conneely, this was apparently recorded on videotape, so you can guess the rest.

He decided to, uh, retire, at the age of 51, and last June Conneely started grabbing an $82,421-a-year pension. He will most likely continue to do so, whatever happens when he finally goes to trial.

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. What about the dozens of other staties who got caught stealing tens of thousands of dollars in federal overtime money — “embezzlement” is the legal term?

With a couple of exceptions, none of these thieving cops from Troop E went to prison even briefly. Their punishment, if you can call it that, was to repay the money they stole, after which, they’ve all been allowed to start pocketing mega-bucks state pensions while still in their 40’s or 50’s.

One the other hand, if you’re a trooper who hasn’t been busted for having your hand in the till, or your shod foot to a motorist’s head — a non-cheater, in other words — you’re out the door unless you take the shot.

A lot of the people who are about to be separated from their jobs aren’t even going to be allowed to collect unemployment. So there! Take that, you damn deplorables!

This, after millions of layabouts and deadbeats have spent the last 18 months finishing life at home in their spare time, with not just unemployment, but with an extra $300 a week welfare check from the feds, because of their alleged “fear” of a virus with a survival rate of approximately 99%, even higher if you don’t weigh 300 pounds.

Hey, Ma, want to reconsider what you told us kids about cheaters?

Every day, you read stories about unions going to court to fight these superstitious diktats that have nothing to do with following the science. And invariably, the next day, the hack judges toss the cases out of court like the obedient, overfed apparatchiks that they so palpably are.

How about the illegal aliens swarming across the southern border? Last week Biden’s feckless DHS secretary admitted that 20% of these grifting undocumented Democrats are testing positive for COVID-19.

Would a country that was truly serious about stopping this virus continue to import hundreds of thousands of infected people who have no skills, no English and absolutely no chance of ever supporting themselves or their fatherless offspring without going on the dole?

Yet America’s new welfare class can roam wherever they want, with their hands out, and … no problemo, amigos!

I was in a restaurant Friday and somebody handed me a note and a business card for a local “nonprofit” that’s making big bucks from the taxpayers for aiding and abetting in the unraveling of American society.

The handwritten note said: “This nonprofit provides safe haven to unvaxxed undocumented folks from Haiti etc. while actively firing naturally immune unvaxxed employees who caught COVID at the shelter.”

Hey Ma, what’s up with that?

Then there are the nurses. The other day in Malden, in a park, I noticed one of those yard-type signs that were so ubiquitous last year — “The City of Malden Thanks Its Nurses.”

Now, all across the country, yesterday’s heroes are today’s zeroes. You get the shot, or you get the boot. Never mind all those PSA’s on TV about how we’re all in this together.

Florence Nightingale, you are now expendable.

Ma always worried about the kids’ futures. Wanted them to get the best education possible.

And masks are almost as deleterious to mastering the 3 R’s as “remote” teaching has been.

But now some of the teachers’ unions want any parents who protest these nonsensical new Randi Weingarten-approved rules to be declared “domestic terrorists.”

You know, like the Marine lieutenant colonel who told the truth about the Afghanistan disaster, and is now in the brig at Camp Lejeune, while the tubby general who described the drone attack that killed 10 civilians in Kabul as a “righteous strike” is the toast of Georgetown salon society because … Orange Man Bad.

Cheaters never prosper? Ma, does anybody but cheaters prosper now?

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