Police Blotter Fax Friday: Otter Nonsense and Foot Freaks

Welcome, welcome, one and all! This Independence Week, while you were barbecuing and watching fireworks, some characters across the country chose to misbehave. Below, check out our runners-up for the Police Blotter Fax prize.

If you missed this week’s episode, catch it here while you peruse the links below:

Man with Heart-Shaped Face Tattoo Accused of Pelting Skittles at Restaurant Patrons [MUGSHOT] | DAVID PROPPER – The New York Post

  • “Taste the rainbow! Do it!”

Surfers Shocked as Otter Climbs Aboard, Goes for Ride [VIDEO] | KATIE DOWD – WBALTV

  • The intelligence demonstrated by this otter far surpasses that of any human found in this week’s headlines. It’s otter-ly ridiculous, really.

2 Decapitated Goats Found Stuffed in Garbage Bags Behind New York Burger King: “Ritualistic Animal Sacrifice” [PHOTO] | JON BROWN – Fox News

  • The most authentic meat in proximity of a fast food chain in years!

Villager’s Jailed Son in More Trouble After Tossing Toilet Contents at Detention Deputy [MUGSHOT] | Villages News

Despite the attempts by the Left to give everyone a Participation Award, here at the Howie Carr Show, not everyone can be a winner. Two people can be, though. Here are the stories they submitted!

Wine Store Owner Says a Thief Drilled a Hole in his Roof, Descended by Rope, and Stole Bottles Worth $600,000. “It was like Something Out of Ocean’s Eleven,” the Store Manager Said. | JOSHUA ZITSER – Yahoo News

  • Sure, we all make pour decisions, but how Merlot can you go?

Foot Fondler on the Lam After Targeting Women at 4.5-star Luxury Lake Tahoe Resort | KATHERINE DONLEVY – The New York Post

  • If you catch anyone swimming with socks on, you can’t blame them. This festishist is still at large!

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