Omicron has killed as many people as … Alec Baldwin’s gun

Dementia Joe Biden could have gotten America’s attention a little more forcefully Tuesday if only he’d just led with the latest ominous omicron death toll…

Dementia Joe Biden could have gotten America’s attention a little more forcefully Tuesday if only he’d just led with the latest ominous omicron death toll:

“My fellow Americans, today I regret to inform you that as of this morning, about a month after it was first discovered, omicron has now killed as many Americans as … Alec Baldwin’s gun. Or Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile.”

He could have paused for effect to let that grim milestone sink in for all 330 million Americans. Then he could have begun again:

“By Christmas, only four days away, I am informed by the all-knowing Dr. Fauci that the U.S. death toll will likely equal that at O.J. Simpson’s home in Brentwood on that grim evening back in 1994.”

When the news of the death in Houston broke Tuesday, it got the most play of any passing in Texas since Nov. 22, 1963. It was a two-fer – the guy had had the virus before, so the TV “experts” all got to shout in unison how antibodies didn’t save him and you better get a booster or two or three. The company line, in other words.

It was another bleak day — for Dementia Joe’s poll ratings. The panic porn-industrial complex is just not clicking on all cylinders anymore. They can’t keep their stories straight, and I’m not just talking about the trademark Biden incoherence.

Not only did he again call the new variant “omicrom,” he also referred to the peril posed to the nation by “those 40 unvaccinated adults.”

Forty unvaccinated adults? May we quote you that, Mr. President?

“In March of 2020 we were not ready,” he said. “Today we spock-tile enough we stockpiled enough gowns, masks and ventilators.”


Dictating to the Democrat typists in the White House steno pool, Dementia Joe spock-tiled his talking points, and then listed them off: “One, number one, first one….”

Clear was a very big word Tuesday. Let him be clear. The science is clear. And he is very, very angry about “dangerous misinformation” being broadcast by “purveyors of lies and misinformation.”

Misinformation indeed. Here’s a headline from The Washington Post of Sept. 16, 2020: “Biden questions whether a vaccine approved by Trump would be safe.”

New York Times, Sept. 17, 2020: “Biden, Seizing on Worries of a Rushed Virus, Warns Trump Can’t Be Trusted.”

Tuesday, though, Dementia Joe did a complete 180 and said it was everybody’s “obligation… to your country” to get jabbed with that same vaccine he was terrified of, in fact it’s more than that.

“It’s your patriotic duty!” he lectured, while coughing and lip-smacking repeatedly.

As Dr. Johnson once said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Again, he’s worried about misinformation. Tuesday, after his flacks spent the weekend trying to spin Cacklin’ Kamala Harris’ statement that the administration knew nothing about omicron, he said this:

“It just just happened overnight, just in the last month … I don’t think anybody anticipated this was going to be spreading as rapidly … It all started all of a sudden.”

Is that really true, Joe? It’s winter now, and a virus is back. I believe this has happened before, like, every year, which is why we get flu shots, or used to. Is this … misinformation?

“I call on the purveyors of the lies and misinformation to stop it,” he said. “Stop it now.”

He said that “even if you are fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask.”

Yet on Monday night, on state-run CNN, the medical analyst Leana Wu was spreading … well, you be the judge of how what she said should be described, and how it stacks up against Joe’s definition of misinformation.

“Don’t wear a cloth mask,” she said on Biden’s personal fanzine network. “Cloth masks are little more than face decorations.”

So which is it, Joe? Let’s ask Dr. Anthony “I Am the Science” Fauci. First he said no one should wear a mask, then he said you needed to wear one. Then he said two.

But wait, it wasn’t only Dementia Joe babbling utter nonsense yesterday. Gov. Charlie Parker, as Dementia Joe calls the failed lame-duck governor of Massachusetts, went out and proclaimed that “we know vaccines work.”

Of 5 million Bay Staters vaccinated — or “vacillated,” as Biden says — “only 2 percent have gotten COVID.”

Of course, one of them is the state’s senior senator, the fake Indian.

Parker’s hero, Dementia Joe, is worried that those “40 unvaccinated” will be, and this is another exact quote, “causing hospitals to overrun become overrun again.”

Parker said the problem here will be “staffing shortages,” which have already cost the state 502 beds. Because the insanely stupid mandates Tall Deval was gleefully pushing — and which have now ended his dismal political career — have been a disaster. But even though he’s hit rock bottom, Parker still won’t admit he has a problem.

“Staffing shortages,” he whined in his cracking beta-male voice, “started before mandates.”

Sure they did, Charlie. This idiot totally mismanaged the entire fiasco and now he’s wringing his hands over how the fact that getting rid of thousands of health care workers has made it “enormously difficult for our health care community.”

Biden’s administration didn’t order enough tests and now there aren’t enough of them and Dementia Joe is sad. Baker wanted everybody jabbed and thousands of them walked away or got fired and now he’s sad.

How much BS can these people spock-tile?

God how I wish it were 2019 again. Let’s go Brandon.

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