Happy Independence Day from Obligations to the Student Loan Deadbeats

The hardest drug to kick is welfare, as you saw once again Friday with the hysterical reactions of millions of deadbeats who now may actually have to begin paying back the student loans that they voluntarily took out.

The hardest drug to kick is welfare, as you saw once again Friday with the hysterical reactions of millions of deadbeats who now may actually have to begin paying back the student loans that they voluntarily took out.

Over the past three years in no-work-no-problem America, the comrades have become addicted to handouts and all kinds of other free stuff. Tens of millions are now so dissipated that they’ll never be able to support themselves again.

The new welfare classes created by COVID have their enablers – “advocates,” as they call themselves – who demand that the handouts must never end.

Get a job? Dude, that would trigger me, totally. I hear an alarm clock and I get, like, PTSD. And now the Republicans want me to, like, pay back all that money that I borrowed? Bummer, man!

These deadbeats are coddled by politicians who themselves have never done an honest day’s work in their lives – among others, Dementia Joe Biden, the fake Indian and Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Chicago, er, Massachusetts.

The Democrat welfare-industrial complex has been telling their constituents that stiffing your creditors is now a bedrock human right.

The affected “students” are a mix of fabulously wealthy professional-school graduates (lawyers, physicians, etc.) and a much larger cadre of shiftless, drug-addled hippies who took queer-studies courses at the local community college and are now astonished to learn that they can’t get $500,000-a-year entry-level jobs on Wall Street.

Until the Supreme Court put its foot down, who was going to pick up the half-trillion-dollar tab for the academic dine-and-dashers?

Truck drivers, people who went to vocational schools and are in the trades, military veterans, non-college graduates and responsible taxpayers who paid their own college bills, and those of their children.

It was obvious whose side the Democrats would be on. They are now the party of the non-working classes.

Consider how many other handouts have been lavished on Democrat deadbeats since the Red Chinese-created Panic arrived in early 2020.

Higher unemployment benefits. Huge jump in monthly food-stamp allotments. Free health care via Medicaid requirement waivers. So-called individual “stimulus” payments, also known as cash welfare. Child “tax credits.” Freeze on rent payments. And so on….

It’s been a golden age for Democrat loafers. Finally, the old West Side Story song, “Everything Free in America,” wasn’t just for illegal aliens from the Third World anymore.

But now the deadbeats are going to have to go… cold turkey.

Perhaps the most hysterical reaction came from Justice Elena Kagen in her dissenting opinion. It used to be that members of the Supreme Court cited legal precedents and prior rulings in making their scholarly arguments. Now the liberals are writing hysterical op-ed pieces.

Kagen conjures up a horror-movie scenario where terrorists (no doubt Democrat “asylees like her former Cambridge neighbors the Tsarnaevs) set off a dirty bomb in Chicago. Millions flee (just like they’re fleeing Illionois now, come to think of it, to escape Democrats).

Kagen imagines the tragedy of the ruined city with all the hippies on the run “and still their student-loan bills are coming due every month.”

Oh no! But let’s look on the bright side, Justice Kagen. Your fellow Democrats like AOC and John Kerry say the world is coming to an end anyway in, what, seven years. Climate change.

So what’s the big deal about some past-due notices on your student loans?

Dementia Joe Biden of course blamed Republicans. He said business owners benefitted from the PPP – Payroll Protection Program – but that the GOP didn’t want to offer the same free ride to all the 35-year-olds with sleeve tattoos and nose piercings living in Mom’s basement and smoking primo weed.

But Brandon forgot to mention the differences between the business and the hippie handouts. (Granted, both types of programs have been abused to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.) But the PPP and all the other business-relief expenditures were approved by Congress. That’s the way the Constitution says government is supposed to work.

The student-loan “moratorium,” on the other hand, was an executive order first by Trump, then extended by Biden. Biden tried to extend it by using a Gulf War-era measure, the HEROES Act, which is supposed to benefit veterans and first responders.

Biden wanted to expand the HEROES Act into the ZEROES Act.

But the biggest difference between the bailouts of the businesses and the hippies was that he businesses did not ask to be shut down in the catastrophically unnecessary Fauci-era lockdowns.

Nobody wanted to be driven out of business simply because the Democrats had to destroy the economy to defeat Trump.

The “students,” on the other hand, voluntarily took out their loans. No one forced them to go to these over-priced phony-baloney colleges. And now they whine that, hey, nobody told us that our B.A.’s in sustainability are utterly worthless.

To which I say, “Caveat emptor.” Which is Latin for, “Let the buyer beware.”

Have you ever made an impulsive buy, charged it and then realized that you made a really stupid decision?

Can you go to the credit-card company and ask to be “forgiven” for your dumb purchase?

Speaking of COVID handouts, when the Democrats put a “moratorium” on the deadbeats’ rent payments, did the landlords likewise get to stop paying their mortgages, property taxes, utility bills and every other damn expense that goes along with owning property?

Of course not. Because the landlords aren’t in any protected classes.

First affirmative action, now student loan “forgiveness” bites the dust, at least until the Deep State finds some new way to subvert the Constitution.

Happy Independence Day!

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