Hunter’s Laptop, Wuhan Lab, and Now Jan. 6 Footage

Another day, another Democrat/state-run media hoax debunked.

Now it’s the “armed insurrection” of Jan. 6 going down in flames. It wasn’t an insurrection, Ray Epps lied to Congress, no one was armed except for the Capitol cop who shot unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt in cold blood….

Fox News’ latest demolition of Democrat agitprop  – “Worse than 9/11! Worse than Pearl Harbor!” — follows last week’s grudging admissions that yeah, probably the COVID virus did come out of a Red Chinese lab – this after three years after denunciations and cancellations of anyone who refused to toe the Democrat party line.

We already knew about most of these abject lies by the media abut Jan. 6, including how Brian Sicknick was “murdered” by the Jan. 6 mob, as the fake-news bible New York Times reported for a month, until finally a tiny correction was grudgingly printed.

But it was great to finally have the Jan. 6 video. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Yesterday, however, the comrades and the card-carrying fellow travelers were still lying that they hadn’t said Sicknick was “slain by mob.” Pay no attention to all those headlines and soundbites saying exactly that!

Who are you gonna believe, your lyin’ eyes or Mourning Joe Scarborough and Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger?

But Jan. 6 – and the three-year-long suppression of the truth about the Red Chinese lab leak – are just the latest anti-Trump bombshells that have turned out to be, in the words of POTUS, “very fake news.”

Let’s just go down a truncated, very partial list of media hoaxes promoted by Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) since 2015.

The Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation. Hey, 51 Democrats all agree.

Then there was the Steele dossier (not “intelligence,” but a Hillary Clinton dirty trick.) Russians offered an $11 billion bribe to Carter Page to arrange a meeting with Donald Trump. The pee tapes.

If you get vaccinated, you won’t get COVID. If you get a booster, you won’t get COVID. Plexiglas stops transmission. You don’t need a mask. No, you need one mask. No, you need two masks.

“Mostly peaceful protests.” You couldn’t go to church, or a funeral, in 2020, because it could kill you. But you could safely embark on a looting-arson-murder spree because… equity.

The hoaxes come from all deep-state media, 24/7, but here are a few from one source, The Washington Post.

The genocidal boss of ISIS was an “austere religious scholar.” Donald Trump’s father ran racist ads when he ran for mayor of New York (which he never did). The Russians hacked into the East Coast power grid (It was an engineer from Vermont checking his emails.)

And of course, Donald Trump was likely hiding nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago – a story that came out hours after the August raid on the president’s Florida home.

That’s the same raid that the FBI is now anonymously telling that same Washington Post that they were opposed to, now that the narrative has, shall we say, changed.

Back to the list of media hoaxes.

Jussie Smollet. The Brett Kavanaugh rape gang (lead story on NBC Nightly News, with zero corroboration). Bubba Wallace noose that turned out to be a garage pull. Covington Catholic High School kids insult Native-American Vietnam veteran. Kyle Rittenhouse white supremacist (he killed two white jailbirds, one of them a pederast convicted of raping five little boys).

Ivermectin is a horse de-wormer, and an Oklahoma hospital had to turn away gunshot-wound victims because so many rednecks were overdosing on Ivermectin. (That was from Rolling Stone, which warmed up for the Trump error, er era, by running the 100 percent bogus story about the University of Virginia fraternity gang “rape” in 2014.)

Putin’s price hike. “Don’t Say Gay” bill (those words weren’t in it). Trump’s cages for illegal-alien minors. (Actually built during Obama administration.) The Muslim travel ban. Border agents whipped Haitian illegal aliens. Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. Trump called US dead in World War I “losers.”

Natural immunity doesn’t mean bleep – you gotta take the “vaccines” to help out Pfizer’s bottom line.

Everybody makes mistakes. But in all the above, the mistakes went one way – the Democrat deep-state way. And these Democrat stenographers with press passes never, ever apologize. They never give back the Pulitzer Prizes for their preposterous made-up nonsense.

For instance, a New York Times reporter named Apoorva Mandavilli said the lab-leak theory was “racist.”

One Anne Applebaum, now of The Atlantic, compared the lab-leak theory to something concocted by “Soviet propagandists.” At CNN, disgraced boss Jeff Zucker ordered a total blackout on lab-leak stories, because they might help Trump.

Apoorva, Applebaum and Zucker are now MIA. Zero contrition, zero remorse.

Hey, Biden won, didn’t he? The ends justify the means.

Take 60 Minutes – please. Another font of fake news. Made up the Texas Air National Guard story out of whole cloth in 2004 in a desperate attempt to elect John Kerry president.

In May 2020 they described the COVID lab-leak theory as a “political disinformation campaign.”

Their excuse now for lying about the lab leak. “(The) report was based on the facts known at the time.”

The only fact was, if See BS News had reported the obvious truth, it would have helped President Trump’s reelection campaign.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran another non-apology about the COVID hoax, from a “scientist.”

He said, in effect, you have to understand why so many “scientists” were willing to, if not lie, at least look the other way when Fauci et al. were spewing their monstrous pernicious falsehoods to protect their Red Chinese masters.

Self-interest, he said, “and promotions.”

“Then there’s money.”

Yep, there’s money. That’s why the Jan. 6 committee hired a Brit who’d worked for ABC “News” to insert sounds of violence into their surveillance video. You know, kinda like that same ABC “News” did in 2019, when they ran footage from a gun range in Kentucky falsely claiming that was actually Turkish artillery shelling Syria.

Now we know at least a little something about what really happened on Jan. 6. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the truth comes too late to change the course of history.

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